The best new food and drinks places in Cardiff, bar none

Cardiff is becoming one of the city’s in the UK to go out for food and drink. There are great new food and drink spots popping up left, right and (city) centre all the time. We’re inundated with options, and with so many different places competing against each other for our attention, things are going to keep getting better. Here is a list of some of the best new places that have opened in Cardiff lately.


The Village bar & grill

The Village hotel Cardiff have had an exciting new refurb of their bar and restaurant area and it looks amazing. With great gym and space facilities, excellent rooms and professional service, the Village Hotel is one of the best places to stay overnight within Cardiff and the surrounding area.  And now, thanks to its new restaurant, called Village Grill, the hotel has become even better.

Find out more about their amazing transformation here

The Alchemist

Since opening last week the Alchemist has announced itself as one of the most exciting places to eat and drink in Cardiff. We attended their opening night last Thursday and couldn’t believe how much great stuff they have on offer; a heady blend of sophisticated decadence, The Alchemist wonderfully inventive cocktails made using its very own brand of ‘molecular mixology’, along with a delicious multi-cultural menu.

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At JENU it’s all about enjoying moderately priced à la carte dining in a down-to-earth, warm and relaxed atmosphere.  Head Chef ‘Chef Ramsey’ brings a depth of experience and creative flare to all elements of our delicious menus.

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Twenty Nine Park Place

Another new kid on the block, Twenty Nine Park Place is the a great new venture from Knife & Fork Food. The company have spend an impressive £200,000 to refurbish this impressive townhouse and the results have been worth every penny. It’s a fresh, modern taken on the traditional British bar and restaurant, with a brilliant bar and food menu.

Find out more about the Knife and folk groups newest restaurant here




There are loads of great pizzeria’s in Cardiff these days, and Anatoni’s Pizzeria might be the best of the bunch. Made with passion and care, Anatoni’s make fantastic authentic Italian pizzas cooked in their own Steffano Ferrara pizza oven. There are a huge range of toppings to choose from, as well as other great Italian options on the menu in case you don’t fancy pizza (the lasagne is superb). Anatoni’s reputation is growing by the day, and rightly so!

Find out more about Anatoni’s delicious pizza here  


Hot Pot Spot

Bringing its brilliant traditional Asian cuisine, Hot Pot Spot is a new restaurant opening on Albany Road. What makes the Hot Pot Spot experience so different is that you create the meal you want, choosing from a wide selection of meats and vegetables to compliment some of the best broths you’ve ever tasted, using fresh ingredients sourced from with 20 miles of the city.

Find out more about Hot Pots Cardiff here


Tommy Heaney pop-up

Tommy Heaney has received a lot of recognition since appearing on the BBC’s Great British Menu, and his new pop-up restaurant is proving that the plaudits are deserved. The pop-up micro-restaurant, based in the old Abernnig Emporium, opened on 12th July and will be running for another four weeks yet. It’s open every week between Wednesday and Sunday, allowing food fans to sample Heaney’s signature style. The venture has been set up to raise the funds that Heaney needs in order to refurbish the site so that he can set up a permanent new restaurant there. A worth and delicious cause!

Find out more about Tommy Heaney’s pop-up here.




Baroque is one of the best new bars around. It’s in Penarth and they specialise in gin and rum. Baroque has a ‘bespoke’ selection of over 40 gins, and there is some choice it may be hard to pick just one. Not to worry – Baroque also offer ‘tasting flights’ so you can sample a number of different gins as part of a package deal.



The Libertine

Since opening in May, the Libertine has been an enormous success, becoming an integral part of Cardiff’s nightlife. There are a huge selection of drinks to choose from, including some of the Libertine’s brilliantly named signature cocktails, such as Viva Vase Vegas, Fudged Up and Ready to Blow, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and 50 Shades of Earl Grey.

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KeyIf is a new Turkish restaurant that’s just opened in Penarth, offering ‘unique Turkish cuisine’ with a dash of the Mediterranean. The fantastic menu features hummus, falafel, and tabbouleh, as well as a selection of Turkish delicacies that will keep you coming back for more.


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Beelzebub is the brainchild of Cardiff very own Crafty Devil brewery. The pub was originally crowdfunded due to public demand, and since opening has become one of the best watering holes in the city, with a great selection of beer, cider, spirits and wine.

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Bru Coffee

Based in the centre of Cardiff, Bru Coffee is a lovely independent boutique cafe that’s been doing very well since it opened. There’s great food, cake, tea, coffee, waffles, gelato and, of course, coffee. The owner has said: “I’ve worked hard to source the best produce locally, and to create a space where people can look forward to spending time in – the first place people will think of when arranging a meet-up. It’s really rewarding for me to see the public response.”


Ruin Cafe

Ruin Café is a fully vegan café, bar, live music venue and gallery based in Duke Street Arcade. There’s an excellent salad bar, great vegan dishes which you can eat in or takeaway, and plenty of beer and spirits behind the bar. There’s loads going on at the cafe including live music, DJ sets and exhibitions.