The Beast from the East 2.0

It’s still very early days yet, but Metalert Ireland is giving us a ‘heads up’ that there could potentially be sequels to the icy cold weather that terrorised the UK at the start of March.

We should be at a time when we are trying to recall where we stored those flip flops and shorts but instead we find ourselves leaving those winter warmers in the drawers, just in case.

Sharing the latest ECM maps and weather forecast insights on Facebook and Twitter, Metalert Ireland posted that ‘a reload of an Easterly based frigid airflow is moving into NW Europe in approx 8/9 days time’

That means a potential snow storm with very cold winds and temperatures , similar to what has just battered Britain, could be due to arrive around the 19th/20th March.

This news has come as a very early warning so it could go either way, so no need to stock up on bread and milk just yet.

Let’s hope this weather system is pushed further down