I Should Be So Lucky: The Musical

What would you do if you were jilted at the alter? Would you hide away, or would you follow in the footsteps of Ella and take your mum, nan, sister, and best friends on your honeymoon? Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it!? It certainly is, and it’s how the story of I Should Be So Lucky begins; […]

The Merchant of Venice 1936: Review

Starring EastEnders and Friday Night Dinner star, Tracy Ann-Oberman, this politically charged adaptation of a Shakespeare classic will hit you with an array of emotions. Set in a pre-world war two Britain, we watch as the Jewish character of Shylock becomes victim to an antisemitic world. I know that the Merchant of Venice is a […]

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

The Show That Everybody Should be Talking About! Cast your mind back to your school days; you’re sitting in your career class and your teacher is nagging you to choose a job and map out your entire future while you, a 16-year-old, barely know who you are and where you fit into the world. This […]

Quiz: Review

Cast your mind back to the year of 2001. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire has taken over our screens and with it comes one of the biggest TV scandals of all time. Remember when that guy cheated by having someone in the audience cough the answers for him? Yeah, that scandal!  Fast forward to today, genius […]