Street food vendor Brother Thai has parked in new sit down restaurant

Whitchurch road has welcomed Brother Thai restaurant, opening next week 

Like street food but hate standing up? Brother Thai has combined the beauty of street food, without worrying about losing your meal to the floor.


The vibe inside the new restaurant allows diners to still enjoy the thrill of a street food vendor by keeping an open bar and kitchen that connects both staff and customers, enabling conversation over a love of food. 


Its industrial, minimalistic decor rolls with the chilled out street food theme, including hanging cylinder spotlights that swoop over the wooden benches filled with homemade dishes.


The nosh


Cardiff has a very short Thai food restaurant list, add in vegetarian and vegan preferences, and the choice of eateries are very limited. Brother Thai’s menu is 40 percent vegan, catering to a vegan-friendly population in the city.


The menu includes the restaurant’s street food classic roti, a pastry wrap filled with your choice of chicken, beef, jackfruit or vegan sticky “beef”, coated and tossed in mouth-watering, intense flavours of sriracha and a combination of Brother Thai’s secret sauces; an eat-with-your-hands delight that is deceivingly filling. 


You can also order a choice of ‘plates’ and rice bowls, a dish that is served to cater to the wonderful flavours of the roti. The menu has meat-based, gluten free and vegan-friendly options throughout.


The eco-friendly paper menu serves up bottled beers, wine, three cocktails of choice with a range of spirits including, gin, rum and tequila. You can also order soft drinks and coffee.


A waiter’s favourite is the Lychee Longtime cocktail. Bartender Elin said the gin-based cocktail is the perfect refreshing drink that is not too sweet, a cocktail to align with the flavours of the street food and we second that! 


Elin laughed, “Everyone here goes wild for it!”