Unfortunately, we may have to start coming to the realisation that summer has come to an end. But don’t worry! Because we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite places we cannot wait to rediscover this autumn and some that are due to open and are sure to blow us away. We’ve tried to cover a range of styles and locations so there’s something here for everyone…



The Deck Penarth – Jetty Bar Penarth

Just four weeks after a huge fire ripped through the building only weeks after they opened, The Deck have reopened on the Jetty bar while they rebuild the main building.  They are open from 9am – 10pm serving breakfast, lunch and dinner underneath a huge marquee, with a special BBQ menu over the weekend serving bourbon brisket burgers, Steak and lobster tail, belly pork and chorizo and even a Chateaubriand to share, all cooked on a very large kamado grill.


Pasture, St Mary’s Street

The long-awaited steak house that prides itself on its fire-based cooking and open-plan ‘theatre’ style kitchens so you can watch your meal blazing away. All of their meat is sourced from Wales, for Wales, and it’s aged for 35 days to ensure maximum levels of delicious. We can’t wait.


Black Salt, Whitchurch Road

A new restaurant offering authentic, aromatic Mediterranean cuisine, tapas and steaks, where different styles and cuisines are fused into imaginative original dishes, as well as some continental classics. The independent restaurant will open its doors in October, led by owner and Giovanna Makri and the family behind Charleston’s Steak House on caroline street. Bringing together a small, family-feel team of talented individuals Black Salt promises to be a big hit for meat lovers offering a huge selection of steaks and other meat dishes.




Hubbox, Cardiff Bay

Originally slated to open early 2020 but pushed back because… well you know the reason. Hubbox will be squeezing in just next to the new Cosy Club in Mermaids Quay, Hubbox is bringing American inspired ‘casual dining’ to the Bay. Perfect for your flavour-of-America fix, with inspired street-food, double-fried fries and craft beers.



Dosaa Indian Canteen, Cardiff Indoor Market

Following on from 8 years of success running Purple Poppadom on Cowbridge Road East, Anand George has set his sights on the lunchtime crowd of the city centre. They will be serving traditional curries in the historical building, and after being listed in the Michelin Guide for his current award-winning menu at Purple Poppadom, we are certain Dosaa is going to blow us away as well.


Casa de Margarita, Penarth

Casa de Margarita aims to provide a traditional Spanish experience; right down to the rustic décor, Spanish wine and tapas bar. The beautiful location overlooking Penarth pier and the waters beyond essentially guarantees you a magical evening of music and great food. Plus there’s no need to cut the party short because they also have a few guest rooms with sea views if you fancy treating yourself to a staycation.

Goodsheds, Barry

A ton of great spots here which we covered in a recent article. Newly opened and packed with innovative new businesses supplying not only delicious street food but plenty of entertainment and boutique stores. There are also some old favourites like James Sommerin Fish and Chips who has made Goodsheds his new home since the lockdown lifted.

The Deep, St Mary’s Street

Taking over the sight of Café Jazz under the old Sandringham Hotel, the team behind Sully’s Night Café and Blue Honey have chosen to expand and move into a new home. They have now gone completely vegan and have plenty of new space to socially distance. The venue operates as Sully’s Cafe by day and then flips to the Deep for evening service.



La Pantera, Quay Street

A double whammy here; Sully’s moved onto bigger things allowing La Pantera to expand and take over the whole of the ground floor of their awesome taco and tequila bar. The whole place has been made up with their classic style of wrestling and Mescal inspired décor, with a brand new outdoor seating section. It’s a great place to enjoy your tequila and tacos in the sun while you watch the world go by.



North Star, Maindy

Under new Management, you can find some delicious food and tidy place to drink right on North Road. They also have plenty of live music (which will hopefully be able to return soon), so it’s a great spot to grab a bite while you shelter from the imminent autumn nights rolling in.


Ego at the Schooner Inn, Penarth

A few miles out of the city centre, offering fresh Mediterranean cuisine, fine wines and cask ales. Also supplying a Sunday roast, this entry on our list is one of our favourite pubs where you can relax and take the whole family for a treat after a long day chilling on the beach.



Corporation Yard, Cowbridge Road East

A firm favourite of the Cardiff street food scene, Corporation Yard is known for housing some of the best vendors operating in the city to date. It’s impossible to recommend a dish because the vendors are always changing and delivering fresh new dishes for you to try. I guess you’ll just have to try it out yourself! One of our favourite vendors over the last few weeks has been Wing Stack. If you go you have to try their wings and signature sticky BBQ jam.


Of course, there will be plenty of other incredible food venues open over the autumn period, so please let us know about some of your favourites if we’ve missed them. Also, let us know if you tried one of the places on this list, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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