Spectacular laser show & sound works with multi-million-selling musicians Gruff Rhys, Robert Del Naja is coming to Cardiff castle


EYE Cymru premieres at Cardiff Castle this October for a 17 – day residency
EYE Cymru is a revolutionary immersive event series bringing together pioneering laser art, music and nature at iconic locations across Wales. Cardiff will play host to its international premiere at Cardiff Castle on 14th October 2021; EYE Cymru will run continuously until 31st October 2021, with live performances on the weekends featuring the headline artists.

Created in partnership with the Welsh Government and Visit Wales, EYE Cymru is set to become a landmark feature of the UK arts and festival scene, with events being planned across Wales throughout 2022 and 2023. The EYE Project collective also plans a residency at Glastonbury Festival 2022 – accompanying the return of one of the world’s most anticipated live music events.

Conceptualised by light artist Chris Levine and brought to life with sounds by Gruff Rhys, Robert Del Naja and Nick Mulvey
EYE Cymru is the brainchild of internationally lauded light artist Chris Levine, who first came to prominence with his famous 2004 portrait of The Queen, The Lightness Of Being. and subsequently for his innovative use of laser, light and 3D portraiture. With EYE Cymru, Chris Levine and his collaborators launch a revolutionary new event format with an ambitious immersive experience which harnesses the power of laser, sound, people and place to create a transformational experience.

EYE technologies were originally tested at Cornwall’s celebrated Eden Project. High-powered lasers, choreographed with the changing weather conditions, the night sky, natural surroundings and the heritage architecture of Cardiff Castle, are harmonised with 3D sound, designed by Marco Perry (Bjork). EYE Cymru’s aim is to transport the audience into a state of joy and wonder and collectively forge a deeper and more fulfilling connection with the world around us.

Sonic contributions have been specially created for the experience by leading musicians including Massive Attack’s co-founder Robert Del Naja, Welsh icon Gruff Rhys and acclaimed singer and songwriter Nick Mulvey.

Gruff Rhys and Nick Mulvey will collaborate live with Chris Levine at special weekend performances.

An immersive experience created to connect people in a post-Covid world
The aim of EYE Cymru is to build a deeper relationship between people and nature by expanding our perception of the world around us. Developed for a post-Covid world deprived of human connections and social gatherings, EYE Cymru will harness the artistry of light and sound with the power of nature to bring a sense of optimism and hope as we emerge from darker times.

About EYE Cymru, Chris Levine says: “Since the beginning of humankind, we’ve lived in sync with the elements and the natural cycles of earth, but modern life has drastically pushed us away from that magical connection. Certain rituals and practices like meditation can draw people back to that deeper connection, with each other and the world around us. For the EYE Cymru installation, we took inspiration from those practises. By mixing beautiful sound and light, we will bring the audience to the present moment – a moment of stillness presented as an opportunity to dive into a collective trip of connection through the senses where – you never know – we might just change our world forever!”

Underpinned by EdenLAB and the EYE Project’s nature-focused ethos
EYE technologies were first tested at Eden Project Cornwall, then further developed in international arts festivals such as Dark MOFO (Tasmania) and Wilderness (piloted as iy_project). EYE Cymru is the latest experiential event co-created and produced by the EYE Project collective and EdenLAB.  EdenLAB is a creative production studio producing experiences and artistic installations with the desire to connect people to each other and the natural world.

The Welsh government has specially commissioned EYE Cymru as a platform to bring world class arts events to Wales while celebrating the country’s rich heritage and creative and production talents. The initiative is underpinned by EdenLAB’s expertise and track record and inspired by the Eden Project.

The Welsh Government’s Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said: “It’s been a long and difficult 18 months for the events industry in Wales – for event owners, those who depend on the sector for the work and for those who long to see the return of live events. As we’ve lifted the coronavirus restrictions, we’ve worked closely with event organisers to establish industry guidance, bringing us a step closer to a full return of a rich and varied calendar of events that we know and love, providing huge economic benefits. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the sector for its patience, resilience and willingness to work together over this challenging period and the contribution they can and will make to the economic recovery. That is why it gives me much pleasure to announce this exciting event following its postponement last year due to the pandemic. The Welsh Government has been working on this significant partnership with EdenLAB for some time, which has allowed them to develop an innovative new programme especially for Wales, initially showcasing one of Wales’ most influential recording artists in the most striking venue in our capital city and preparing the ground for future events up and down the country”.

Cllr Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council, Chair of Cardiff Music Board added:We are delighted to be hosting the world premiere of EdenLAB’s Eye Cymru spectacular in Cardiff Castle and supporting the Welsh Government in its partnership with EdenLAB. It has been our intention for some time to develop and present immersive, live music, events that push the boundaries of the traditional concert experience. Cardiff will see the launch of this ground-breaking event – where Chris Levine, one of the UK’s most exciting visual artists, collaborates with some of the most interesting musicians around today – to set the scene for a powerful visual and musical experience. This is just the starting point of our plans to bring exciting, innovative and pioneering music projects to Cardiff”.


EYE Cymru will welcome attendees from the 14th until the 31st October2021. Early Bird tickets are now available starting at £15 via See Tickets.