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The Morphe experience: A tour of Cardiff’s very own store

The makeup store has settled into Cardiff’s St David’s Centre

On the same day of its Cherry Coca-Cola collaboration collection launch, Morphe Cardiff welcomed guests to its long-awaited store opening event. The team were eager to show off their new Cardiff branch now that Covid-19 restrictions have eased in Wales.

The store opened on the 26 June and has had the Welsh obsessed and invested in its products since. Lipsticks, liners, brow gels and everything in between have become a vital part of handbags and morning makeup routines; products you can no longer live without.


Morphe was set up in 2008 by brother and sister, Chris, and Linda Tawli in LA. The siblings first established the makeup brand with its excellent selection of quality makeup brushes. Since then, Morphe has gone on to take over the makeup world with seven stores in the UK based in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and now Cardiff.



 ‘Trust the process’


With a glance around the store, it’s easy to see why the ladies love working here. It’s clean, chic, and stylish, a makeup lover’s dream!


The Morphe experience was one filled with expert knowledge, passion, and creativity from the makeup artists in store.


Treated to a full-face makeup demonstration on a beautiful model by two very talented Morphe makeup artists. The ladies gave a thorough step-by-step application process using Morphe products and brushes.


The first artist, Xair, taught us how to get ‘glowy skin’ using a Morphe foundation, matte bronzer, and SPF-tinted moisturiser. She then added a cheek and lip colour to blend into the cheeks, a gorgeous coral shade that made the model’s skin come to life.


Before tending to the eyes, Xair used a Morphe setting spray on the model’s face to keep her makeup and skin looking flawless for the rest of the day. The popular setting spray sells every three seconds in store, explained Xair.


A second Morphe makeup artist took over and discussed the tricks of the trade and demonstrated the best way to perfect blended eyeshadow, along with an easy eyeliner technique. The artist described the technique as “stamping” on the liquid rather than drawing it across the eyelid.


“Take your time, breathe; It’s not a tattoo, you can re-do it! Trust the process!” she laughed.


Visit the store and treat yourself to an experience at Morphe with one of the lovely shop assistants who will guide you through each product, answer any question you may have and provide the perfect colour match consultation.


Not only is Morphe makeup a fantastic brand with cruelty-free and vegan-friendly options, Morphe fulfills your makeup needs without breaking the bank.

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