French restaurant brand, Côte, launch a new menu – the biggest evolution of its food in its 15-year history.

Designed for guests to discover the excitement and vitality of today’s French cuisine, the menu includes a wider range of exciting vegetarian and vegan options with modern and indulgent spins on classic dishes, alongside new must-try items like the Espresso Martini Crêpe that offer fresh twists on much-loved Côte favourites.


The menu created by Côte’s new Executive Head Chef, Steve Allen, previously Head Chef at Gordon Ramsey at Claridge’s, has a firm focus on high quality sourcing and provenance. The signature Côte de Boeuf, hand cut in Côte’s own in-house butchery, will now be seasoned for 30 days in a specially built Himalayan rock-salt ageing room. This new process gives the grass-fed British and Irish beef a deeper, more intense flavour by allowing it to dry slowly and naturally for improved taste and caramelisation during the cooking process. It is served with a decadent, creamy truffle hollandaise sauce, which the restaurant chefs make daily from scratch and a choice of two sides, as well as a ramekin of pink salt for guests to season their meat to perfection.

Available now, the menu also includes indulgent vegetarian and vegan dishes, including Côte’s Celeriac Fricassée. This modern take on a classic French cooking style is firmly rooted in Nouveau Cuisine and packs a punch of pure flavour. Golden-baked celeriac is paired with creamy haricot blanc purée, sweet, crunchy white grapes, salty mushroom granola – and finished off with braised baby gem, drizzled with a tangy sun-dried tomato paste for maximum impact.

For those looking for a sweet treat, Côte’s menu sees the addition of its most decadent desserts yet. The new Espresso Martini Crêpes combine a classic French dessert with Côte’s most popular cocktail, the Espresso Martini. Warm crêpes are brushed with sweet coffee syrup, and topped with caramelised sugar and a creamy coffee crème fraiche. Served with a warm martini-infused chocolate sauce and a refreshing raspberry and mint salad.



Other additions include a new Sharing Board featuring a selection of expertly sourced cured French meats from the Monts du Lyonnaise, a low-altitude mountain range located in the Loire and Rhône regions, alongside a creamy melting baked Camembert served with a lemon zest-infused breadcrumb crust and paper-thin, twice baked ‘sheet music’ bread, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary leaves, alongside piquant cornichons, sweet honey tomatoes and marinated olives.


And the new Monkfish Normande – inspired by traditional stews enjoyed in northern France. This sharp yet creamy one-pot dish carefully combines classic French cooking and British provenance, using the highest quality, flavourful ingredients. The pan-fried, meaty Cornish monkfish is combined with plump, succulent mussels – sustainably sourced from Scotland and the Shetland Islands. Once cooked, it is paired with fresh juicy apples, shallots, fennel and a light, organic Normandy cider (Sassy Cidre) to create a perfectly balanced, delicately flavoured broth.

The launch of Côte’s new menu will coincide with the introduction of calorie-labelled menus, in line with Government legislation. To meet the needs of all its diners, Côte will also be offering unlabelled menus, on request, to those who prefer not to see calorie information. The new menu will see 38% of main dishes contain less than 700 calories to offer diners a real choice – whether they’re looking to indulge or opt for a lighter meal. Allen has placed flavour at the heart of Côte’s new menu and is passionate about ensuring that guests enjoy the same great food experience regardless of their dietary needs or preferences. There will also always be a number of options to enable diners to choose a two-course meal for 1,000 calories, as well as being able to enjoy three-courses for 1,000 calories as well.

The menu is available now in Côte’s 85 restaurants nationwide. You can find more information about your local Côte restaurant on their website

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