Bill’s is Shaking Up The Summer with a New British Menu with a Twist

We were so excited to try the new Shaking Up the Summer menu launched by Bill’s this week in the city centre. An let me tell you it was an absolute treat.

Cardiff is lucky enough to have two Bill’s restaurants. We tried the new menu on Mill Lane, but if it is a nice day, you cannot go wrong with the Bill’s down the Bay. Its outdoor area is one of the best in the city, just off the Cardiff Bay trail.


Their new summer menu consists of some twists on British classics. We tried the Coronation Chicken Burger; packed with fresh coriander slaw and buttermilk chicken, and some bonus truffle cheese fries after a recommendation from our waiter. Cardiff… they were the best cheesy chips we have ever tasted, and with Chippy Lane just yards away, that is a huge claim to make. We also tried some Minute steak and chips with Bloody Mary Ketchup. Classic and delicious. We are already planning to go back and try their vegan twist Beet Wellington.



On a more personal note, I suffer with several allergies which sometimes make eating out challenging. Review aside, Bill’s has often been one of my favourites because of their care and attentiveness when it comes to allergens. Some food items were completely customised to meet my dietary requirements and every member of staff was trained in allergen awareness. They have QR code cards for you to scan on request which bring you straight to their expansive allergen menu, that included wheat-free Halloumi Fries! And a gluten-free Apple Crumble with Ice-Cream and Custard for dessert! These things may sound simple to casual diners, but to someone who is allergic to wheat, nuts, and soy (essentially 75% of restaurant food!) they did not go under-appreciated.


To wash all this down we had to have a couple of cocktails of the new menu, right? It is summer and we are finally free from strict lockdown, that deserves celebrating with some Gin! Where better to start than with Bill’s Gin Twist, now only £1.99 with a meal it was one of the cheapest and delicious additions to the menu. Pink Gin with a nice aromatic tonic it absolutely hit the spot. So, we followed it with a Blood Orange Twistin’ The Night Away for good measure.

Overall, we had a great time at Bill’s and would absolutely recommend you try some of their new summer menu when you get the chance. We know that you, like us, will love shakin’ up some old classics as you enjoy eating out in the heart of the city.