Carnival and Favela: The Brazilian Street Food Vans Bringing Chilled Vibes this Summer

Adding to the ever-growing number of pop-up food yards in and around Cardiff this summer, Carnival the Brazilian Street Food van is about to make a UK first when they open in the city centre. You only have to look at the massive numbers of street food lovers who flock to the outdoor food markets every weekend to know that Cardiff loves some grub out in the sun, and we are certain you will love this one too.

Taking up residence next to The Bone Yard, located on Paper Mill Road in Canton, Carnival has opens every Saturday and Sunday to create one of the most chilled vibes you can find in the city right now. And let’s be honest we all need a chilled vibe this summer.

The owner, Marcel, is Brazilian born and has grown up surrounded by a strong food culture. He has brought some of his homemade traditional staple food to Cardiff. The dish he calls ‘The Holy Grail’ represents some of the finest of Brazilian cuisine; a Picanha Steak, seasoned and barbecued, served with Mandioca fries, vinaigrette and Farofa (a toasted cornflour mix used to soak up all the juices of the meat). What could be more mouth-wateringly Brazilian than that? Also stick around and try some Cassava Chips, Chicken Salgado, and lots of other meat skewer choices.

Neighbouring the Carnival food truck is the Favelas bar, where the chilled summer vibes can really step up a gear. Serving up traditional Caipirinha’s that is made with a mix of muddled limes, sugar, crushed ice, and cachaca (a sugar cane liquor like rum). Or just grab a cheeky pint of Brahma beer and some of their newest addition; Strawberry Caipirinha’s for an even sweeter treat in the sunshine.

The van itself has been design by award winning food truck designer, Kitsch & Sink, who have also created vans for one of our faves, Dusty Knuckle and the Mac n’ Cheese wizard Return of the Mac. The design of the Favelas bar and Carnival street food truck draws inspiration from the party culture of Brazilian festivals and is honestly some of their finest work to date.

Opening every Saturday and Sunday after 12pm,until the 4th July-  make sure to visit soon for one of the most relaxing and delicious foodie trips you can take this summer. And go follow them on Instagram @carnivalstreetfood and @favelabarcardiff if you are not already convinced. Book online here to avoid missing out!