Ride-Sharing App Bolt Lets Drivers Choose Their Price

We booked our first Bolt pick up, and this is our experience

Ride-sharing app Bolt has set a new tone for the one-click, quick pick-up service app industry. The recent addition to Cardiff’s ride community, Bolt will allow its drivers to set their price for each journey. We downloaded the Bolt app and took our first ride to see whether the ‘affordable ride’ app was worth it.  

The app is downloaded, and we’re on a 3% battery; this doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well. After quickly adding in passenger information, the app asked for our destination. Dinas Powys is a 15-minute ride West of Cardiff Central Train Station, giving us enough time to embrace the Bolt experience.

The given price for the ride was £12 one way which is the same price Uber had charged the day before for the same trip. Fantastic!

We’re told by the app’s map that there is only one car in the area, another hurdle to the finish line for Bolt passengers. Running out of time and now battery, we’re quickly told that the one car has been confirmed as ours.

Now down to 2% and lightly sweating, a notification popped up saying that the Bolt car would arrive in four minutes along with the message, ‘We advise to use the backseat for extra safety,’ which was a nice touch. Now four minutes is the norm for these ride-share apps, but with the battery not on our side, our driver could cancel – who knows what could happen!

 Bolt to the rescue!


 After quickly scanning the rest of the app, the icon ‘chat’ and ‘safety’ stood out.

The answer to our prayers! Sliding into the chat box with the driver and quickly sending the message, ‘My phone is on 2%, but I will be standing in the same location.’ The driver instantly replied, ‘ok,’ the panic was over. The car’s registration number was highlighted on the App; it was essential to take a mental note if the phone bails.

The phone on its last legs, the Bolt App, gave a clear indication that the car and driver were heading in the correct direction. Although the App doesn’t map out the driver’s route like Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share apps, he arrived swiftly and on time.

Confirming the name with the driver, we hopped right in. The driver was friendly, chatty, and pleasant. He mentioned that he “preferred Bolt” instead of other ride-share apps because Bolt takes 10% less of his earnings with every ride. Not only that, but Bolt gives its customers 50% off after ten rides! We love a bargain, and we’re also advocates for our hard-working drivers that keep our city moving to be taken care of by their employers!

We arrived safely in Dinas Powys- It’s a big yes from us, Bolt!

To use Bolt:
Download the app.
Input your phone number and verify your account using the four digit code sent by Bolt.
Add your information to the account.
Add your payment method.
Type in your destination via the ‘where to?’ box.
The app will then ask whether you wish to purchase the ‘Bolt’ option, a four-seat friendly car, the ‘XL’ for a larger party, or the ‘executive’ car. Select your Bolt and await your confirmation.


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