If the sound of wielding an axe with pals appeals to you, it’s time to get on your best lumberjack gear and head over Lumberjacks Axe Throwing.


A new axe throwing and team-building activity spot has debuted in Cardiff, located on St Catherine’s Park, Cardiff – just off Newport Road. The concept is simple: stand in a lane and hurl an axe towards a target, hoping to get it to stick — like darts for l

umberjacks.  Axe Throwing is one of the newest sports to come to the UK and lumberjacks are the first in wales. Whether it’s a stressful day at the office or a lazy day in the house that’s got you itching, we have you covered.

Don’t worry, no bloody massacres are in the pipelines. Axe slingers will endure a compulsory safety briefing and throwing lesson before heading into an axe tournament. They’ll then be able to enjoy the adrenaline of throwing axes at targets in a completely safe environment. The event is 18+ only and usually lasts about an hour and a half, making it perfect for a mate’s night out, stag/hen do or a team-building day at work.

It’s apparently great for releasing anger and tension, but is not all about pure force. It also recquires balance and — erm — axe-uracy.

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