The Ultimate Cardiff Christmas Shopping List!

Less than two weeks now until the big day! If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably approaching DEFCON 3 levels of panic because you still haven’t started your Christmas shopping… but do not worry! We’ve got you absolutely covered with this list of the perfect gifts to get this festive season. And as an extra bonus, we’ve made sure they can all be found in the city centre too! Don’t tell me we do not have your back over at It’s On Cardiff…


1, 2, Kung Fu! by Boy Azooga

On the first day of Christmas, why not buy the music lover in your life a best-selling marvel of the Cardiff music scene. Boy Azooga has been one of the break out acts of Welsh music in the past few years, and with a second album on the way in 2020, their debut is album perfect for anyone who has a hankering for some of the best British Indie Rock of the last decade.
Buy it here: @ 27, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit from Madame Fromage

One the second day of Christmas, you could be a little bit more mature and turn someone into an affineur (that’s what comes up when you google “what’s a cheese expert called”, please don’t quote me on it). It can make up to 40 batches of cheese, so depending on whom you buy it for; your kitchen could resemble a French delicatessen for months to come!
Locally sourced here: @ 21 Castle Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BW



Exceptional Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut Log, from Cocorico Patisserie

On the third day of Christmas, you might be thinking: “gosh I desperately need a gift for Gerry on floor 5; I got lumped with him in the secret Santa. Unfortunately, the only things I know about him are his obsession with Chocolate, and he loves to treat himself on Christmas eve”. Well look no further you can tick both boxes with this luxurious chocolate log from Cocorico Patisserie. Think chocolate sponge, salted caramel, milk chocolate mousse, crunchy shortbread and plenty of cocoa jelly.

Call into Cocorico for £17 –



Cole & Co Candle from Big Moose Coffee Co

On the fourth day of Christmas, you can try your hand at buying a planet conscious and mentality boosting all-in-one stocking filler. Choose from a selection of candles, all made from the coffee beans previously used on Big Moose soil, and combined with a range of fragrances all thought to have positive effects on mental health. Really this one is an absolute win; not only can you tick one gift off the list but you can have a little pit stop from the Queen street chaos and have a sit-down brew too!
Sniff them out here: and in-store at: 4-5 Frederick St, Cardiff CF10 2DB


Organic Gnocchi from The Greenery Kitchen

On the fifth day of Christmas, you can be confident that your gift will have anyone yelling with glee: “Gwen I’m having the Gnocchi”. If you don’t understand that reference then I have to question your integrity as a person. The indoor market is an absolute treasure trove of local goodness so it was only fair we include some of it on the list. The gnocchi here has been chosen purely for pun purposes, but genuinely you can’t go wrong with anything from The Greenery Kitchen. It’s full of foodie delights that a budding chef would be ecstatic to unwrap.
Cook up a storm here: and check out the market here: 15-17 Cardiff Indoor Market, Cardiff, CF10 1AU

A Table Loom Weaving Workshop in The Makers Guild

On the sixth day of Christmas, you may be thinking, gosh isn’t the table a bit bare this year? I’m certain *insert name of significant other here* would enjoy the experience to make our own artisan table loom. Well, fear no more! There are a wide collection of crafty sessions available in the Makers Guild of Wales, which you can treat your giftee to.
Craft this one here: and down the bay here: Craft in the Bay, The Flourish, Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 4QH

An Axe Throwing Experience from Lumberjack

On the seventh day of Christmas, you should throw all conventional gifts out the window and turn your giftee into a full-blown Viking for the evening! Just opened, Lumberjack offers you the chance to try your hand at axe throwing. We tried it in a recent video if you want to see what it’s all about but let me break it down here: it’s bloomin’ fantastic. It’s something completely different and it’s an experience your lucky giftee will unlikely forget!
Hurl yourself into it here: and here: Unit 6, St Catherine’s Park, Cardiff CF24 2RZ


Lovespoon from the Christmas Market

On the eight day of Christmas, you could get the ultimate, traditional Welsh gift and give someone a lovespoon. The market is always full of artisan stalls and food delights (I had some stunning French potatoes with the cheese the other day!), so it is the perfect place to do a bit of seasonal shopping. I promise it’s so festive you won’t even mind the crowds as everyone rushes to get their Christmas goodies.
Have a walk through a winter wonderland in The Hayes. Have a look online here: and get your lovespoons at Llanmead Crafts

Talking to the Dead: A Fiona Griffiths Detective Story from Wellfield Bookshop

On the ninth day of Christmas, you may want to gift something a little less cheery than the other things on this list, but no less traditional or locally sourced. The Fiona Griffiths series is about a young detective in the South Wales police force, with the first being set on the Pembrokeshire coast and the second investigating a grisly murder on the streets of Cardiff itself! It’s the perfect blend of modern crime thriller in a Welsh setting that delivers a new hero of the mystery genre to the modern age.
Pick it up from 16 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PB where they proudly stock the series. Check them out online here:

Cardiff Gin from  Discover Delicious.Wales

On the tenth day of Christmas, well you’re running out of time now so a trip town might not be on the cards, so let’s be-gin the online search. DiscoverDelicious.Wales is an online marketplace for Welsh food and drink producers. Browse online to shop from over 70 producers collectively offering more than 1,300 deliciously different food and drink products from all over Wales – including this delicious Cardiff Dry Gin from Eccentric Gin.

Head over to their website to bag this local booze – Cardiff Dry Gin, from Eccentric Gin, £27.95

A Reiki Healing Session from Holistic Haven

On the eleventh day of Christmas, you may be thinking: “yes these are all cracking recommendations and I’m sorted on so many levels, but what about the friends I made around the campfire at Greenman this summer?”. Well, fear no more; Holistic Haven offer vouchers for their treatments and this one is described as rejuvenating as a good night’s sleep and will leave you with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. And don’t we all need just that as this bonkers year comes to a close?
Psychically bond with this experience here: or discover yourself in person here: Castle Emporium, Womanby St, Cardiff CF10 1BS

A Euphoria Lactia from Eartha

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we’re going out on a nice little one to get your pals in the office and help the planet at the same time. Eartha is a little independent plant store that has a cute little variety of indoor plants and cacti that make cracking gifts and look great. It’s found inside Blue Honey Local on City Road so don’t be fooled by the exterior. Head inside, grab some of their delicious food and a coffee, chill out in the tepee for a bit, then pick up a plant and crack on. It’s a nice little pit stop to break up your Christmas shopping, and a charming setting to do it in too!
Of course, these guys don’t have a website so check them out on Instagram instead; @earthastore and go see them instore here: 213 City Rd, Cardiff, CF24 3JD

We hope that helps with the chaos of your Christmas shopping. Now get out there and go get some proper decent Cardiff sourced gifts for your family and pals!