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The Monster Salad Box Co brings healthy eating to Cardiff!

Queen’s Arcade is home to a new healthy eating spot that promises the largest salads in town.

Ever thought that quick and easy always seems to equal unhealthy fast food? Chris Hughes has conquered this with the launch of a salad bar that provides healthy eating on the go. The American style monster salads are so named because what America does best is size!

The Monster Salad Box Co aims to go big…with huge portions and a large selection of toppings. In fact, they even have an eating challenge – The Monster Troff. Some may think eating challenges don’t ordinarily go hand in hand with salads, however, healthy food needn’t be confined to small portions.


In terms of what is on offer, The Monster Salad Box Co uses all fresh produce and has a vast range of ingredients to choose from. Guests can build their salad with a choice of main (meat, fish and vegetarian, as well as daily specials), then bulk it out with foods such as pasta, coleslaw and couscous, not forgetting a variety of salad, before adding a sauce of their choosing. Finally, the finishing touches include seasoning, croutons, seeds and bacon bits.

This vendor reimagines salad as we know it, providing a tasty and filling meal that makes healthy eating simple. Its handy location within Queens Arcade in Cardiff city centre is perfect for that quick lunch break on the go, or perhaps a stop off on a day out without spending the big bucks (or the calories). The Monster Salad Box Co accepts pre-orders and operates through partner delivery services too, providing easy access to healthy food.


Monster Salad Bar - Monster Troff

Rest assured, if big portions aren’t your thing but you still want a nutritious, healthy option, they also offer an original monster box, alongside a junior size box for those who have smaller appetites or want to be mindful of their calorie intake.

Salad boxes aren’t the only thing on offer either! The Monster Salad Box Co also serve wraps, breakfast (in the form of fruit granola), and protein shakes; their protein bar will serve freshly prepared meal replacement shakes to cater to all manner of eating habits.

After recently opening last weekend, the salad bar is sure to attract a wide range of customers from the health conscious, to time-restricted workers, and the everyday person who just wants to give something different (and healthy) a try.

The Monster Salad Box Co is located in Unit 40a, Queen’s Arcade, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 2BY.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @themonstersaladbox

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