May set to be warmer as possible heatwave heads our way.

Warm weather could be on the way back

Flip flop weather could be on the way back with forecasters predicting another warm spell next month as things start to warm up towards from the Bank Holiday

Last week’s few days of ‘summer’ weather gave us all hope that things were finally brightening up, after the long winter. Until the cold winds of spring returned to make us all dig out our winter coats again.

Well things are looking up! Long range forecasts are showing that warm weather could return during the first week of May

According to the Weather Channel, temperatures are expected to rise at the beginning of May, and forecasters are ‘confident’ sunny skies and spring-time heat will be heading our way.

But before then the weather will revert back towards more typical conditions for this time of year with rain forecast every day this week thanks to a wave of Atlantic low pressure systems.


Here’s hoping their mini-heatwave predictions come true, you’ll catch us on a rooftop doing our sun dance from next Monday.