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LORD OF THE DANCE 25 Years of Standing Ovations Taps Into Cardiff

The most successful touring production in entertainment history Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance opens at the New Theatre, Cardiff.

The globally acclaimed dance show is celebrating 25 years with the usual jaw-dropping dances directed by Michael Flatley. With a cast of exceptionally talented dancers, musicians and singers its action packed from the very first toe tap. Having officially debuted on July 2nd in 1996 the show has gone from strength to strength, Flately’s performances have created standing ovations in every corner of the world. His final performance was in 2015 but now as creative director his presence is still very much at the forefront of the performances.

The Lord of the Dance story emerges from the dreams of the Little Spirit, it’s a classic tale of good versus evil. The dance embraces you and takes you on a journey filled with energy and passion.

Featuring two astounding violinists (Giada Costenaro and Aisling Sage) who both played to perfection, whilst also taking part in the dance routines and story line – their talents shone through immensely.

The beautiful singer Celyn Cartwright (who is actually Welsh) added a very serene calming interlude with her awesome voice in-between the high action dances.

The whole dance cast were superb, particular highlights were the dance off between good and evil – the footwork was so fast that if you blink you could miss it. The grace and beauty of the ballet shoes mixed with the thrill and noise of the tap shoes added to the emotion throughout. Matt Smith is a fantastic Lord of The Dance, he interacted with the audience and got everyone on their feet for one of their infamous standing ovations.

Overall, this is an excellent show to watch, it’s full of energy and enthusiasm, has passion and grace and keeps you clapping and moving the whole way through. The talent of each individual involved keeps the show exciting, this is a definite must watch for all that enjoy an energetic performance.


Lord of the Dance

New Theatre, Cardiff

MON 25 – WED 27 APR 2022

Ticket re available from the  New Theatre Box Office

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