Dr Dre’s classic album 2001 played in full by a live orchestra


The second of Dr. Dre’s two classic hip-hop albums is the latest to get a live orchestral interpretation. A full orchestra, singers and MC will take to the stage and run through the entire album ,  Still takin’ my time to perfect the beat.

Following the success of Pete Tongs Ibiza Club Classics and films such as Jaws and Star Wars the trend seems to have uncovered a tidy appetite for orchestras replacing the unique soundtracks.

Event company  No Strings Attached are putting on a live orchestral rendition of Dr. Dre : 2001 this summer (July 28) – with the one of a kind performance set to be a complete sell out.

This body of work features so many intricate musical layers, we have brought in one of the UK’s leading Orchestras to perform a complete rendition of the album and some of Dre’s west coast classics from start to finish.

Accompanied by DJ’s, singers, and lyricists, this is not your average Orchestral event.. Expect a full standing crowd, with performances from various DJ’s, lyricists and singers as well as a full Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre’s: 2001 album, followed by other of Dre’s west coast classics.

It’s On

The event is due to take place on the 4th August with no confirmed venue yet but you’ll want to be quick as this will sell out almost immediately.

The event is for over 14s only

Tickets at other venues have started from £20 + Booking fee.


In case you’re wondering Dr Dre is not expected to be at the event.

Visit No Strings Attached’s Facebook page for more information.