Another secret cocktail bar is opening and we can’t wait!

People of Cardiff called to free their voice and liberate their land at one of the most squealworthy  (secret ) pop-up cocktail bars we’ve heard in an age.

Psst! Over here!

People of Cardiff take heed. A secret collective known only as the #Maquis has come together to encourage us all to free our voices, emerge from the shadows and liberate our land.

Communicating via Festival of Voice– to preserve identities – we have been told that #Maquis covert meetings will commence from Thursday 7 June, from 5pm in a disused city centre premises, brimming with contraband.

This cell will only exist for 10 nights until Sunday 17 June.The #Maquis collective need to avoid infiltration from the Enemy and will disband after this time.

A prohibited mixologist will serve classic ‘SPIRITS’ from the bar to help strengthen your courage and put fire in your belly for the challenge ahead.

Through the evening, Radio Barkaswill be sending coded messages via vintage vinyl records to the front-line to warn our Comrades of any impending danger.

Attendance at the covert meetings is strictly secret, must be pre-arranged and any communication should only be made via Twitter @DTAcardiff  until further notice.

The #Maquis will then contact you with further instructions on how to access their secret meeting point. The meetings will be small as to keep the mission under the radar, so early correspondence is advisable. Communication lines will be open from Tuesday 22 May.


Discretion encouraged. As are disguises.

“Whatever happens the flame of our people must not be extinguished”said one of the #Maquis allies.

By attending, you are signing up to the Cause. Help spread the word to like-minded people. We wish to reach all that may have interest in becoming part of this elite movement.


Will you join them and free your voice…?


“Sleep well knowing you have done your daily dose of sabotage”said another of the #Maquis allies.