Car Free Sunday

Car Free Sunday

The best ways to spend a carefree Car Free Day

Car Free Day Cardiff 2019 is taking place this Sunday. Instead of the city coming to a stand-still, however, there will be plenty of other ways to get around. Here’s a list of some of the best ways to make the most of a day without our gas guzzlers.

What is Car Free Day?

On Sunday 12th May 2019, 10am-4pm at Cardiff City Centre, join us for Car Free Day. A child friendly, family fun day out where you can experience the city centre in a completely new way, without cars.

The day will be marked with a bike ride across the city centre as well as a range of other fun activities to encourage people to opt for greener and healthier modes of transport more regularly, from Skateboarding have-a-go workshops brought to you by ‘Spit & Sawdust’ & Circus Workshops by ‘Organised Kaos’ to a walking tour by local historian and celebrated author ‘Peter Finch’, there is something for anyone. Please see the full list of activities and events taking place at the bottom of this page.

You are invited to enjoy our free fun events including sports activities, demonstrations, live music, street entertainment, walkabout shows, creative craft-making, dancing and our Bike Parade in the afternoon!

Please note that all Car Free Day activities will be running along the Easterly side of the castle and Kingsway.

Car free day

For a full list of events taking place on Sunday around the city visit the Let’s Ride website 


Car Free Day 2019 could be the a brilliant excuse to try out your first Nextbike. The bike hire scheme has aunched last year in Cardiff and it’s already a huge success, every day people are using Nextbikes to explore the local streets and trails.

The service is easy to access, especially if you download the app, and there are docking stations peppered around the city. Not only are Nextbike accessible, they’re also affordable, the regular price is £1 every thirty minutes for up to five hours.



The Taff Trail

The Traff Trail is an excellent way to cut loose from the rush of the city and appreciate the gorgeous rural scenery Wales has to offer. Starting on Cardiff’s Waterfront, the trail takes in the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Bay, as well as ‘crashing weirs rich with wildlife, impressive mountain backdrops and a fairy tale castle called Castell Coch (Red Castle)’.

The trail can be walked or cycled at your own pace and it’s a journey that’s well worth taking.


A Sunday Stroll

This Sunday could be a great time to simply stroll through the streets of the city and let your feet lead you. As the old saying goes, it’s amazing what you can find on your own front doorstep.

The underlying reason behind Car Free Day is to assess what effect traffic and congestion are having on our local air quality. However the event also offers us a chance to enjoy sights we would often only view through a car window. Why not take a walk through Bute Park, for example? Or have a wander along Cardiff Bay? The city really is your oyster.