Bespoke Chocolate, Sourdough and Fika Delivery Service Nord66 Launches Under Lockdown

Across Cardiff, many businesses are beginning to shake off their lockdown hibernation and are emerging to get the city moving again for summer. It’s been amazing to see how all the places we love have used ingenuity and passion to get their doors open again. Not only are we seeing a return of old favourites, but there are also some great new places opening up that we love the look of. Like Nord66, handmade chocolate, sourdough and Scandanavian Fika treat connoisseur.

Former Chef at Heaney’s, Pontcanna, Shane Nilsson is using his decade of experience to launch ‘Chocolate and Pop-Up’ delivery service Nord66.

After deciding to take a break from the food industry for mental health reasons weeks before lockdown, Shane found he still had the passion for cooking and creating home comforts. The service industry can be a stressful one to navigate, especially one in Cardiff with so many quality competitors. But taking things at his own pace, Shane has built a new brand dedicated to delivering what he loves, top quality food.

“From chocolates to sourdoughs, with little Scandinavian Fika (coffee time) pastries, I decided to go with home comforts with little twists here and there (as well as pulling out something completely crazy from time to time).

 The idea of starting Nord66 was also a bit of distraction in addition to giving people treats they could enjoy whilst cooped up during these unusual times.”


Shane has been selling his food from homemade online specialist site Etsy. We’ve had a quick look and our basket is already full of Honey Marshmallows, Bespoke Truffles and a load of Sourdough Cinnamon Buns. Alternatively, you can order from the Nord66 Facebook page.

Lockdown has been tough times for us all so we think you definitely deserve to treat yourself with some homemade comforts!

We love to shout out small local businesses across Cardiff. If you’ve transformed yourself into a foodie hero like Shane then please get in touch with us. We would love to hear about it.