A Strawberry Moon is going to brighten up the skies this week

After weeks of clear skies another luna event is set to take place this week.

Space has certainly stepped up a gear throughout lockdown and has provided some welcome distractions from any coronavirus concerns we might have.

Events like the Starlink satellites and the SpaceX astronaut launch had us all rushing outside for a glimpse.

The Strawberry Moon gets it’s name from the fact it appears in June every year, the same month as the summer solstice.

Nasa says the moon will appear full for about three days, from early Thursday morning into early Sunday morning

For Europe’s higher latitudes, the full moon nearest the summer solstice shines through more atmosphere than at other times of the year, making it more likely to have a reddish colour.

It’s best to turn your lights off and allow your eyes 30 minutes to adjust to the night sky for optimum viewing of the moon.

This year the Full Strawberry Moon will officially peak at 8:12pm in the UK, on the evening of Friday June 5th, although it should be visible all evening – sunset is at 9:11pm on Friday.