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And flavours range from sweet chocolate to savoury sausage

The next time you’re walking around Cardiff fancying a snack, why not try something you won’t be able to get anywhere else in the world?

At Portuguese bakery Nata & Co, they have been infusing brand new sweet and savoury flavours with their Pasteis de Nata, (more commonly known as Portuguese egg-custard tarts), and the results – though not traditional – are completely delicious.

Owner Filipe Brito had noticed that there was a lack of quick yet tasty options for good food on the go in the city centre. Knowing how well their famous sweet custard Natas travelled, he gathered his chefs and spent a few nights at the Nata & Co bakery in Splott developing a range of new flavours, which to his knowledge, aren’t available anywhere else in the world.

Filipe is now ready to launch the new range of custard tarts at their Kiosk pop-up shop at the St. David’s 2 shopping centre.

On the sweet side, there are five new recipes: apple & cinammon, lemon, nutella, salted caramel and peanut butter. The sweet varieties will be kept in a new heated cabinet throughout the day, meaning customers will be able to enjoy the experience of a hot, crispy Nata no matter what time they stop by.

On the savoury side there is a wider selection, equally divided into meat, fish and vegetarian varieties. Favourites include cheese, leek and mushroom; cod, onion and cream; and prawn and egg. The chef’s special is the Farinheira and scrambled eggs Nata; created using an authentic Portuguese smoked sausage that is lightly fried with the egg and finished with a pinch of paprika.

Nata & Co owner Filipe Brito explained: “After seeing so many people buying our original Pastel de Nata and giving us great feedback, we thought Cardiff would be a great place to try out a new concept like this. At first we were apprehensive about straying from tradition but now we can’t get enough of them!

Now that spring has finally arrived, we’re hoping people will want to grab a few of our savoury and sweet Nata and enjoy a bit of a picnic in one of our city parks – they’re perfect for that.”

At the moment, the full range of 15 is exclusively available through the Nata & Co St David’s 2 Kiosk which has recently relocated to face both the Disney and LEGO stores, and has been given a revamp by local design agency Haum.


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