Valentino’s Ristorante Sardenga – Keeping it in the Family since 2004

Family businesses have formed the backbone of our economy for centuries, so we’re taking a look at how the younger generation is taking on the family businesses in Cardiff

In the first of our new series looking at family-run Cardiff businesses, we went down to take a look at Valentino’s, on Windsor Place, that has been run by the same family for nearly twenty years. We met with Riccardo Floris who filled us in on the secrets to maintaining a successful family-run ristorante in the capital of Wales.

Established in 2004, Valentino’s has been a staple of Italian dining in Cardiff for 16 years and it continues to grow and move to new heights. A combination of traditional family recipes and Italian Sardinian culture are major winning factors in the Valentino’s formula.

Riccardo is currently in the process of taking over Valentino’s from his father. He started helping out behind the scenes when he was just 13 and the passion for delicious Italian food and world-class service has only grown from there. Hoping to bring new levels of quality to Valentino’s, Riccardo has introduced fresh pasta into the menu, something which few restaurants can provide in Cardiff. Combined with fresh, locally sourced, ingredients every day the food reaches new levels of delicious.

It has been Riccardo’s dream for a long time to take over the business and give his father a well-earned retirement. The hope in the future is that Valentino’s will continue to be passed through the generations of the Floris family, and continue to serve Bellissimo Italian Sardinian cuisine for decades to come.

When more restrictions are lifted and the theatres can open again, you should pop round for one of their fantastic pre-show deals; but in the meantime, you should swing by just to soak in a little bit of Southern Italy right here in South Wales.

Check out their website for more info, and make sure you pop in to see why Valentino’s has stood the test of time and support a traditional family-run ristorante in the heart of the capitol.