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The Moon And The Red Planet Are Coming Together In The Sky tomorrow

Both Mars and the Moon will both be visible in the sky tomorrow morning

While the event industry has ground to a halt, It’s been quite an eventful season for stargazing the past few months. A number of spectacles lighting up our skies, from meteor showers, supermoons, and satellite trains, we’ve had it all – and now, space fans can enjoy the rare sight of Mars in our skies early tomorrow morning.

The duo will be close together in the morning sky for the next two days.

Unfortunately, the closest pass between Mars and the last quarter moon will happen around 10pm EST, when both are still below the horizon. So, you’ll have to wait until the pre-dawn hours for a chance to see them as close as possible.

Mars will close-in on the moon on the mornings of May 14 and 15. Just before sunrise, Mars will be tangling with the moon, or, at least, it’ll appear to be close to our satellite. You’ll want to rise about an hour before the sun to see the two of them getting cozy in the sky.

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