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The Dirty Vegan is setting off across the Atlantic for Charity

Mathew Pritchard, known in more recent years as The Dirty vegan, is once again going to show the world he really does have Balls of Steel by rowing across the Atlantic… yeah you read that correctly. The man who made his name professionally skateboarding and hurting himself on the telly is going to undertake this monumental challenge.

A gruelling 3200-mile journey will take Pritchard and his team around 40 days to complete, on which they will have to live, sleep, eat and most importantly… row, in a custom-built un-assisted boat. With only a satellite phone to call for help if they need it, the nearest support team will be roughly five days away should they get into deep water (that’s taking self-isolation to a whole new level). Not only that, but the team will be sustained by an entirely plant-based diet as the Cardiff king of Vegan living puts his diet to the ultimate test.

Just to put things into perspective; even though every single year small crews attempt this perilous crossing, there are still more astronauts who have been to space than there are people to complete an unassisted row across the Atlantic. Yikes! The team have now arrived at the starting point in Lanzarote and have begun to work on their vessel, preparing it as much as possible for the trip to Antigua.

All of this to raise money for charities like the Dean Farm Trust Sanctuary, a local charity based just outside Chepstow; they rescue animals that have been subject to cruelty and maltreatment and give them a chance at a new life. Also, for men’s mental health charity Humen, who aim to provide safe spaces for men, blokes, and lads to go and talk through their issues in an anonymous, preventative, and non-clinical environment.

The team will set sail…set oar? Set to paddling?… They will begin this unbelievable journey on March 3rd, and you can follow them from the safety of your sofa on Matt’s Instagram @pritchardswyd. Also, if you would like to support both the team and the two incredible causes, they are doing this all for, then check them out here: https://monkeyfistadventures.com/atlantic-dash/.

I guess the only thing left to do is to wish Matt and his team all the luck in the world, we cannot wait to watch their journey over the next couple of months. Happy rowing boys!

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