Returning to scare you silly this Halloween season, the Street Food Cinema Halloween Drive-In Spooktacular will have you hiding behind your steering wheel. With a mix of classic scares and family frighteners, you can take the whole gang down to Splott Market to catch a film and grab some delicious street food.

The line up of films includes Silence of the Lambs, Jaws and Host if you are feeling brave. Or, for a family fright-fest you can peek through your fingers at Casper, The Addams Family Values and Ghostbusters, with many more announced you can easily find a movie to give you the shivers.

While you’re watching Venkman and the boys kick some ghost ass, or Chief Brody desperately avoid becoming fish food you can be munching on some of the best street food in the biz. Plenty of returning Cardiff favourites will be in attendance like Bearded Taco, Smoking Griddle and cinema treat specialists BOBO. But there’s also some newer names that we are desperate to try out like Barebones Pizza and Big Apple Hot Dogs. Make sure you come on an empty stomach and order as many snacks as you’d like delivered direct to your window.

One of the best bits about this year’s event, and any great Halloween party, is the costumes. There will be a £250 prize for the best dressed guest. Be it ghost, ghoul or goblin, you better start planning some killer outfits because we can feel a strong competition coming on. You just must take a picture of yourself at one of the drive-through events and hashtag #streetfoodcinemauk for your chance to win. There will be bonus points awarded for creative movie themed costumes, so go nuts!


And finally! Since we have all been locked in the real-world horror film that was the pandemic over the last year, the Street Food Cinema have pulled out all the stops to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever before. Steady your nerves for a full-blown immersive experience involving extra lights, smoke and actors that will bring some pre-show surprises to keep you on your toes! Enter at your own peril…

So head to to book your tickets today. We know we will be pulling up the Street Food Cinema this Halloween season, running from the 25th to 31st of October, and we cannot wait to see the costumes that you guys come up with this year!

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