The Royal Air Force 100 year tour flies into Cardiff

Founded on April 1 1918, the Royal Air Force is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a UK tour starting in Cardiff.

Since its creation at the end of World War One, it has continued to push the boundaries of aviation and now they hit the road with their magnificent flying machines to give us all an up-close look at the war machines that helped Great Britain rule the skies over the past 100 years.

The tour will include a range of aircraft covering the RAF’s history, from WW1, to WW2, to the Cold War, to the modern age.

You will be able to get up close to a selection of aircraft in the following cities:

18-20 May: Cardiff

Meet members of theRoyal Air Force in an interactive STEM/Techno Zone and learn more about how we’re creating the next generation Air Force.

Aircraft on display: Sopwith Snipe Biplane, Supermarine Spitfire Mk1A, Harrier GR3, SAR Wessex Helicopter, Typhoon Full Scale Replica

Opening times:

18 May 11.00-18.00

19 May 9.00-18.00

20 May 9.00-18.00

There will also be an educational zone focussed on aviation and aerospace activities, designed to encourage interest and participation from young people.

With unique access to the preparations and logistics of moving the aircraft into place, the RAF100 website and Royal Air Force social media channels will showcase some of the behind-the-scenes activity so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.