This amazing LEGO brick safari is coming to Cardiff Bay

The Great Brick Safari is coming to Mermaid Quay, with sculptures of a number of different animals on show to the public.
From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 February 2018, mermaid quay – in the heart of Cardiff bay – will be home to 12 amazing models of wild animals. The great brick safari display animals will range from a mighty African elephant which stands a massive 2.5 metres high to a 3+ metre long crocodile – all made out of Lego Brick.

The 12 models, which took a total of 4,024 hours to build and comprise more than 600,000 bricks, will be located in Tacoma Square, in the middle of Mermaid Quay, overlooking the waterfront. This display will be free to view.
The Great Brick Safari is being brought to Mermaid Quay by Bright Bricks, the world’s premier independent LEGO building firm. Bright Bricks has a team of over 30 talented LEGO artists that specialise in producing amazing LEGO brick models ranging from “Brickosaurs” to “Warriorbots” plus, of course, the new Great Brick Safari.
This is only the second time that Bright Bricks’ Great Brick Safari has been on display in the UK and the first time in Wales.
The largest model in the Great Brick Safari at Mermaid Quay will be the elephant which comprises 271,739 bricks and took 6 builders 1,600 hours to build. There will also be a lion (65,000 bricks, 4 builders, 400 hours); an ostrich (45,000 bricks, 4 builders, 200 hours) and a gorilla (33,000 bricks, 4 builders, 480 hours) as well as the crocodile, a small “dazzle” of three zebras, gazelle, hyenas (2) and even a kangaroo.
Founded in 2010 by the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional, Duncan Titmarsh and co-owned with partners LEGO creator Ed Diment and business entrepreneur Simon Horgan, Bright Bricks is fast becoming world-renowned for its ability to create ‘larger-than-life’ LEGO brick models. The company’s portfolio includes education, retail, entertainment, FMCG, news and broadcast, technology, manufacturing, shipping, aero-engineering and sports clients. More information about Bright Bricks at