Cardiff is getting a vegan burger bar and our taste buds can’t wait

Listen up vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who finds themselves wishing to enjoy a burger but without the meat – we have some exciting news!
A new vegan burger bar and takeaway is preparing to open in the city centre very soon, offering ridiculously tasty 100%  totally plant-based burgers.
Until now, vegan burgers can frequently be very sad states of affairs, offering little comfort and flavour as a meat alternative.
The Greazy Vegan team wants to revolutionise fast food with the power of plants, making super delicious yet nutritious burgers using all vegan and where possible GMO free products.
Each one is all about taste without cruelty, and came about because not all vegans want to eat kale chips and quinoa burgers, smoked in coconut husks, with cabbage juice foam, some want to eat good old fashioned takeaway food but cruelty free, to animals at least! 
The Greazy Burger has popped up at various pop-up food events and most recently joined the team at Tiny Rebel’s Tap House for a residency in early February. They now plan to open a permanent restaurant/fast food bar inside one of Cardiff’s arcades.
The brand new Greazy Vegan fast food bar will open on the site of Season Cafe in the Castle Arcade in April and will be open seven days a week from 11am to 9pm.

It’s On the menu:

Big Moc Burger
The Vopper
The GV Kebab
Vegan fried chicken & gravy
Buffalo BBQ Hot Wings
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