First Table the discount dinner service is set to launch in Cardiff

The early bird gets the dinner deal with First Table – You choose the restaurant.
Pay £5 to book a First Table at participating restaurants and you’ll get 50% off the food bill for 2 to 4 diners!

It’s that age old scenarios where restaurants need customers early in the evening; and customers want great food at a great price. Luckily help is at hand – and it’s good news, not just for the restaurants but for us, too.

First Table is the new way to bag yourself a bargain meal deal, offering you 50 per cent off your meal simply by booking ahead. All you have to do to is book the restaurant’s first available table for that night through First Table, pay a booking fee, then you’re ready to go.

There’s only one table available at each restaurant, each night, so it’s first in, best fed!

First Table, has taken the New Zealand and Australia hospitality market by storm and  are now launching their discount dinner concept in London, Bristol, Bath and soon here in Cardiff.

First Table operates in over 30 cities across Australia and New Zealand with more than 700 restaurant partners – including top, award-winning eateries.

First Table Founder, Mat Weir says  –

“The recent surge in independent bars and restaurants in Cardiff has given us the impetus to roll out First Table to restauranteurs and diners there.

The beauty of First Table is that it’s a win-win model.

Getting a good flow of customers early in the evening is crucial for any successful restaurant and early bird diners will be rewarded with half-price dining at some of the most popular restaurants in Cardiff.

We just love connecting people to the best establishments in each city. We have award-winning and high-end eateries as well as hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and we see time and again first-time experiences turning into loyal patronage”

Elliott Hannam is leading the launch of Australasia’s premier restaurant discovery service, First Table, in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff as the Kiwi-made service opens in its 30th city and third country.

He scored earlybird dinner deals using First Table in Queenstown and watched scores of others do the same at a restaurant he ran in Sydney, now a UK expat is launching the service in his home country.

How does it work?

Participating restaurants list their first table of the evening on the First Table website. The restaurant chooses the days it’s available and the times it’s available.

How many can I book for?

First Table reservations are for groups of 2 to 4 people (including children).

Can I cancel

Yes you may cancel your reservation, but the booking fee is non-refundable and is not transferable to an alternative date.


Currently, there is no information on restaurants that have signed-up for the service yet, but when they do we will be sure to let you know.

If you already have a big appetite for this service  you can pre-register via their website