Discover The Botanist’s Secret Garden this Winter

Christmas isn’t cancelled after all! Thanks to the constant innovation of Cardiff’s hospitality industry – The Botanist launch a covid secure winter rooftop garden and they are beautiful! 

Another lockdown out the way and the city is starting to re-adjust to one of the weirdest years in most of our lifetimes. Luckily, the exceptional food and drink scene of the capitol continues to deliver and make the run-up to the winter season special. The Botanist has just announced the launch of a Winter Garden event that you can enjoy as the cold nights roll in.

Fairy lights and cozy nights await you on the terrace of The Botanist. In collaboration with Bombay Sapphire, the popular central venue has set up private Garden Houses for you and your bubble to enjoy. Even on the coldest and wettest of Welsh winter nights to come, you can get cozy in your heated house with a glass of bubbly in your hand and plenty of nibbles to tuck into.

How about trying some baked Nutella and croissant pudding, it has been a rough year you deserve to treat yourself. Or perhaps something more savory like a seasonal Turkey hanging kebab, coated in a mouth-watering orange and cranberry glaze. Speaking as someone who has been forced to endure their own cooking while all the restaurants close… I cannot wait to devour a whole turkey kebab!

Enjoy a selection of limited-edition Bombay Sapphire Cocktails, including the signature Paint Perfect Serve cocktail, a mix of Gin, Tonic, and Edible Blue Paint! Not sure what to say about that but I cannot wait to try one! All of this from a bar that only opened in Cardiff this year. Looks like they have spent the long months of lockdown and uncertainty to come together and deliver something special to round off 2020 in luxury.

Emerge for the first post-lockdown weekend in style as the Winter Garden arrives on Thursday 12th November. Bookings are now available for £10 per person which includes a signature Winter cocktail. Click here to book online today.