Dirty Martini Launch Limited Edition Choctail Menu

For those looking for an Easter cocktail with a little more elegance but still equally as indulgent then hop toDirty Martini and try their limited edition Easter Choctail menu featuring 3 brand new cocktails, pairing chocolate with delicious flavours such as coconut, coffee & cream.


Imagine the perfect combination of a creamy Espresso Martini featuring chocolate and you have the Caffè Chocchiato. This velvety creation includes Absolut vodka, chocolate liqueur, coffee, milk and cream with a chocolate crisp garnish to add some crunch to the smooth texture.


Spice up your life with the Coco Loco, a warming blend of Havana Especial rum, Malibu, chocolate, milk and cream, topped with a chocolate cornet and finished with chilli shavings.


Or why not indulge in the creamy Cookie Kiss, featuring Martell VS, crème de cacao, Amaretto, butterscotch, white chocolate liqueur, milk, cream and chocolate bitters, topped with a cookie crumble; the perfect dessert in a glass.


As well as these limited-edition Easter creations being available from 1st April to 22nd April in all venues, Dirty Martini is hosting an Easter Sunday Party at their Bishopsgate, Covent Garden, Islington, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff & Birmingham venues.


Does some bunny want to party this Easter Sunday?

Expect DJ’s, Sax Player’s & of course plenty of Choctails!


Caffè Chocchiato: £9, Coco Loco: £8.50, Cookie Kiss: £8

(all Easter Choctails 2 for £10 on Easter Sunday)