Dirty Martini launch a new vegan cocktail collection

Raise a glass to the New Year and Veganuary with Dirty Martini’s new limited edition vegan cocktails

If you’re trying Veganuary, you have probably cleared your fridge of animal products and are checking menus for vegan options before going to a restaurant. You’ve sorted your packed lunches so that you’re not caught out on your lunch break with no vegan option in sight. So far, so good! But what do you do when it comes to that having a drink on the weekend?

After years of being branded as ‘a bit weird’, veganism is now quickly going mainstream. We’re seeing a whole load of new vegan-focussed restaurants popping up all over the city, with selections of delicious vegan wines and cocktails to boot.

The latest  bar to embrace the plant based lifestyle is Dirty Martini as they launch a brand new range of  vegan cocktails, to help you through the New Year cleanse.

The menu includes five vegan-friendly cocktails showcasing a range of new flavours and innovative ingredients.


Add some sparkle to your life with the turmeric-imbued 24 Carrot Gold featuring Havana 3yr rum, green Chartreuse and a zingy mix of carrot, ginger, mango, pineapple and citrus, packed full of punchy, fruity flavours.

Spice things up with a modern twist on a classic Collins, with Beefeater gin, elderflower, ginger and lime, topped with soda to make the fresh and fiery Lemon & Ginger Collins.

Explore The Pink Garden with this light yet aromatic blend of Beefeater gin, basil liqueur and beetroot shrub with pomegranate, raspberries and citrus; the perfect way to look forward to spring.

Go the extra distance with the matcha-infused The Green Mile; an exotic blend of Absolut vodka, green Chartreuse, almond milk and coconut with a subtle hint of eucalyptus.

Or why not enjoy a nod to the classic White Russian, vegan-style, with the Smooth Operator – a creamy mix of Absolut vodka, Kahlua, vegan cream and vegan chocolate.


These totally vegan creations are available from 14th January to 31st March, priced at £9 each.