Summer is here and we are absolutely buzzing! We have compiled a list of our favourite family activities for you to try. Some new exciting, some renovated classics and some good old golden oldies. There is plenty here for you to keep the kids busy of the summer months.

Aqua Park

The hugely popular floating assault course returns to Cardiff Bay this summer. We have tried it in previous years and had an absolute blast, its truly some of the most fun you can have in the city this summer. Just come prepared, it is a proper workout! Seriously, you will emerge from the Bay with your summer bod ready to go and the biggest smile on your face.

Zip World

Another one if you have got kids in search of thrills this summer. Home to the tower coaster, The Big Red and Phoenix, the worlds fastest sit-down zipline. We know you have all spent the best part of 18 months sitting down indoors so why not mix it up… by sitting down zooming through the Welsh countryside!

Summer of Smiles

A Summer of Smiles to make Cardiff’s children and young people beam is in store, starting with a fun-packed city centre playscape set to open this week.

A trip to town is about to get a whole lot more exciting for children, with the creation of a family-focussed setting on Churchill Way, with a large ‘Roly Poly Hill’ as its centrepiece. The playscape, which will open on Friday, June 25 is the forerunner for a host of activities and events that will take place across the city throughout the school summer holidays

Cardiff Bay Family Fun Park

Perfectly placed to be enjoyed either before or after your wild blast on the Aqua Park, the family fun park returns! Whizz around Roald Dahl Plass on the dodgems, lose yourself on the Runaway train and go crazy on the Super Trooper ride (which I can only imagine is some sort of ABBA themed big dipper). Spend the whole day there and tuck into the Ice Cream bus or explore more of the Bay, it’s the classic summer day out.

Dinosaurs in Bute Park

Hold onto your butts! The dinosaurs may not be as extinct as first thought, and you have the chance to blow your kids minds and walk amongst them. <Insert Richard Attenborough voice here> Welcome… to Bute Park! Fifty life-sized animatronic dinosaurs from the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods, will be stampeding into the park in an educational, mesmerising, and unforgettable event. Starting from the 21st of August, book your tickets online now!

Barry Beach

Barry Island! Oh, where you going to have the wedding reception – on the log flume? Maybe you do not have to go that far, but there is an absolute boat load of fun to be had at Barry Beach this summer that will absolutely cater to everyone. You can enjoy the sand and the sea, while the kids run off and enjoy the amusements nearby… or vice versa. Whatever floats your boat.

Cosmeston Lakes

Packed full of nature trails, wildlife, and a medieval village, feel closer to nature this summer and take the kids for some much-needed fresh air. Take in the breath-taking views and displays of nature and lets the kids explore. Take the dog, take the grandparents, take the whole family to get in touch with their wild side again.


Cardiff Castle

Sometimes the old classics are just the best. Cardiff castle is amazing. There are not many cities that can boast having a medieval castle on their doorstep, and its easy to take that for granted sometimes. Rich in history and tradition, but also home to some of the biggest and best events the city has to offer. Currently still scheduled to go ahead, Depot in the Castle is a cracking day out to enjoy with all ages, as well as a whole host of other events like, Forever Flowers, Cardiff Summer Prom, My My ABBA and The Adventures of Pinocchio.

New Techniquest

It has had a fresh trim and its ready to blow our minds with scientific oddities all over again, Techniquest is back Babeey! You could take the kids to brush up on their dinosaur knowledge ahead of the Bute Park outbreak with The Dinosaur Show. Or take your real little ones to a special Toddler Day, where the little kids get to rule the roost and explore the whole centre in a kid friendly environment. Its no wonder Techniquest has been a Cardiff institution since 1986.

Mountain View Ranch

Home to Wales’s only Gruffalo Trail. You and the kids can explore the magic of the deep dark wood and immerse yourself in books and nature. Discover Dragon’s nests, Fairy forests and guinea pig villages with the little ones, while the big ones can tee off on the gold course next door! And you can test your courage on the High Hopes ropes course, not for the faint hearted!


Cardiff & Barry Splash Pads



Whatever you end up doing this summer make sure you do three things; stay safe, enjoy yourselves and let us know on social media! We love to see local Cardiff attractions getting the recognition they deserve. Have a great summer y’all!

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