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A Local Cardiff Street Turned Into a Fun, Car-Free Play Zone

Residents Succeeded in Closing a Busy Cardiff Street to Create a Child-Friendly Play Zone

 Bringing back the ability to play outdoors for local children and families

Local parents and residents in a busy traffic-flowing street have united to establish a way for their children to play outdoors freely close to their homes.

‘Play Streets’ is a resident-led activity group that founded the safe-play order to bring back an element of fun and play in the community of Cardiff.The order allows children to play outside safely in a car-free and traffic-free zone for two hours each month.

Cardiff Council has supported Play Streets and approved the first resident-led order in a busy Cardiff street. The Council has further supplied the children with fun toys and outdoor play kits.

The first of its kind in the area, Play Streets is off to an excellent start as locals enjoyed two hours of hopscotch, skipping, scooter riding, biking, and other thrilling outdoor activities.

Local children were excited to take advantage of the two-hour car-free period and get stuck into their ‘play kits’ outside their homes. One parent said the family-led time outdoors was a wonderful experience and a great success.

Sign up and register your street

Residents in Cardiff can apply for a ‘Temporary Street Play Order’ and, upon acceptance by Cardiff Council, will receive a two-hour a month, car-free, traffic-free street.

Cardiff Council requires parents and resident organisers to attend Play Street meetings to support applications and operate Play Street sessions in order to be approved for the ‘Temporary Street Play Order.’


There are a limited number of ‘play kits’ available, so get your applications in!

For more information on Play Streets and to apply, visit:

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