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Breakfast. The most important meal of the day.   The sweet aroma of coffee, a bowl of loaded porridge, gooey eggs and maybe a glass of Champagne if we’re lucky.  Ah yes.  Whether it be preparation for a home game during the 6 Nations, to nurse a hangover, or just because it’s Sunday and you deserve it, Cardiff has something for you.
Check out some of our favorite breakfast spots, in no particular order:

The Greasy Spoon – The Louis
We all know a café that would probably benefit from a refurb, has laminated menus, paper napkins on the table, but doesn’t judge you when you ask for a fried slice as well as toast, and will let you swap the tomatoes for an extra for a portion of chips. The Louis is one of those places. We’re Sure the last time it was decorated was about 1989, but where else are you going to find that sort of nostalgic charm, friendly service, builder’s tea, and prices that won’t break the bank?

The cheap and cheerfuller – Ikea
Full English Breakfast and Coffee
Ikea is one of those places that everyone has visited at one time in their lives, and what’s not to like? Affordable flat pack furniture, a play area for the kids and amazingly cheap food. Gone are the days of the albino sausage, giant European style beans and wafer thin bacon .  These days you can get a quality  6 item breakfast with a free refillable coffee for under £3 if you sign up to their Ikea family card.


Something Creative – Milk and Sugar
 Egg, avocado and chili croissant 
We love this place. Just a stroll off Queens Street , this cute cafe serves up some of the best looking breakfast an instagramer could wish for. If you’re looking for your eggs and bacon arranged perfectly on a white plate with a little sprinkle of something special on top, then look  no further. Tasty breakfasts and delicious coffee – this one’s for the ‘foodies’ and worth a visit at any time of the day.


Something Super Tidy – Grazing Shed
Bacon Roll
Known for their super tasty burgers the Grazing Shed has started not only knocking out some very tasty breakfast rolls such as sausage, egg and cheese rolls but also sweet choices like cinnamon sugar waffles.  They are not the only new addition to their St Mary’s  shop they also invite different guest pop-up baristas to serve up your  morning mocha.

The traditional-  Garlands
Traditional Breakfast 
Located in the Duke Street Arcade and now down Cardiff Bay. They are  best known for their home-baked cakes, along with its more traditional Welsh dishes such as rarebit and cawl and a very hearty cooked breakfast. The perfect way to start your preparations for Wales V Scotland.


Something Special – Barkers Tea
Pancake with bacon and blueberries 
Not all of us are made for mornings, so sometimes you need somewhere nice, quiet, and calm to shake off that tired feeling.  Located in the High Street Arcade Arcade, Barker Tea House is the sister café to Barker C0ffee across the street in Castle Arcade. They offer a range of breakfasts including one with a Bloody Mary, to sooth any hangover.


An eggsellent choice – Cosy Club
Egg and bacon muffin
There’s no doubt the setting is very stylish with their rustic fixtures and fittings plus big leather sofas. It’s easy to order your egg muffins and flat white then cosy up on the sofa and ignore the busy streets below on the Hayes.


Something Healthy –  Pure Kitchen
Protein pancakes at The Pure Kitchen
Situated in Cardiff Bay, The Pure Kitchen is the healthiest hang-out for any gym enthusiast, sports man or general dieter. From protein pancakes to vitamin-packed smoothies, this place has everything you need to fit into a healthy diet. All the dishes  are freshly prepared by their chef with a correct calorie count and fresh ingredients.


The Veggie option – Anna-Loka
For some beautiful vegetarian delights, head to Anna-Loka where you’ll find locally sourced products and seasonal ingredients in their Big Breakfast.

The Mighty Meaty – David Lush Butchers
Breakfast Roll
If breakfast is normally a meal you skip or a small bowl of Cheerios is sufficient, then a trip to Penarth’s Lush’s butchers probably isn’t the place for you. If you arrive at Lush’s in the morning and lunch time and there’s no queue, that probably means it isn’t open for business. Filled from corner to corner with bacon, sausages, 2 fried eggs and mushrooms on top –  the weight alone of this is impressive. OK it’s probably not the healthiest bite you’ll have but it will certainly keep you going until tea time.

Special Mention: Coffee Am Byth & Mr Croquewich

These quality pop-ups have no fixed location but they can be found at the St Mary’s street market on a Friday and Saturday. The Welsh Coffee roasters offer a perfect accompaniment to a Mr Croquewich breakfast.  It’s easy to see where Mr Croquewich’s inspiration comes from, the former french trained chef from Cardiff serves a delicious ‘Pain Perdu’, that’s posh eggy bread with maple syrup to you and I.
St Mary Street Markets 10am-5pm Friday and Saturday
Twitter – @CoffeeAmByth  & @Mr_Croquewich

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