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Sri Lankan street food restaurant The Coconut Tree
recently launched a new range of low-alcohol, low-sugar and sharing cocktails, and an updated range of their infamous sweet and fiery cocktails (nicknamed ‘Cocotails’).

The independent boutique operators are front-runners in bringing fresh Sri Lankan dishes to the UK, coupled with a laid-back, convivial atmosphere.

Featuring a range of 15 fiery and sweet ‘Cocotails’, the new cocktail menu leans heavily on authentic Sri Lankan flavours and ingredients including turmeric, Ceylon teaand Ceylon Arrack. It features a range of prestigious brands and spirits, including Don Julio, Bulliet Bourbon, Ciroc Vanilla, Ceylon Arrack, and Ketel One Botanicals; a botanical vodka that’s new to the UK and particularly low in sugar and calories.

The range of new Cocotails at The Coconut Tree alsoincludes their new, show-stopping party cocktail, The Wild Bling Ting, which costs £55. This sharing cocktail for five people is created with Ceylon Arrack, MahikiCoconut Rum, lemon and guava juice, topped up with Scavi & Ray Prosecco in a glittery 750ml bottle which can be kept on the table and topped up at will!

To see the new Coconut Tree Cocotails menu in full, click here.

WIN! A Sri Lankan Feast & a Wild Bling Ting!

To celebrate the new Cocotails at The Coconut Tree in Cardiff, we have teamed up with them to offer one person a Sri Lankan street food feast for up to four people, and a Wild Bling Ting cocktail to share!


To enter, simply head to our Facebook page and follow the instructions in the post.


Good luck!

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