There’s a Unicorn and Proseccco festival coming to Cardiff

Cardiff loves it’s bizarre food and drink festivals – we’ve had nugget, rum, Caribbean and cheese events to name a few.

But there are two things that always get people excited, and they are joining forces for the ultimate festival: Unicorns and Prosecco.

The unicorn is a legendary creature, described as having such unfathomable grace and beauty that any who witnessed it would explode into a rainbow. It is rivaled by only one other magical thing… Prosecco!

The 1 day crowd-pleaser welcomes you to the ultimate combination of magic and happiness (and everyone’s favourite bubbly). Prepare to be transported to the most mythical and colourful experience in the land, where you will be free to release your inner unicorn!

The unicorn and Prosecco Festival will go to leeds first on the 2nd June before heading to Cardiff  on the 21st July at the Tramshed from 12:00 – 22:00.

Details of the event are sparse at the moment but writing on the Facebook event page  states they will have-

World’s Largest Inflatable Unicorn
Unicorn Rodeo
Enchanted Photo Mirror
Unicorn Performers
Unicorn Glitter station
anything else you can think of that has a unicorn connection

Food & Booze
Numerous Street food vendors
20 different types of Prosecco
Prosecco Cocktails
Unicorn Cocktails
FREE Prosecco Cocktail on entry


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