Top 10 things to beat the boredom of social-isolation this Weekend

Well, what exactly do we say this week Cardiff? While there may well be a couple of events that are still going ahead around the city, we thought it may be irresponsible to recommend you go outside this weekend. It sucks! Especially for all the businesses that are going to be hit by the loss of income. But public safety comes first.

With all that horribly depressing news in mind, we thought we’d do something different and hopefully cheer some of you up in your social isolation. With the power of modern technology, there is still plenty of entertainment to keep us occupied. Here are ten things that you can do over the following week, from the safety of your own home…

The Hang Fire Cookbook: Recipes and Adventures in American BBQ by Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn

Just because you’re in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t fire up the ol’ Barbie. Local chefs Sam and Shauna have been cooking up a storm in South Wales for a number of years now, and we reckon it’s about time we try some of their recipes ourselves.  So dust off that kindle, or wherever else you digitally download books and feed the whole family with BBQ goodness.


GMB Fitness

Don’t let yourself become too much of a couch potato in this age of Corona! GMB Fitness is a website that is full to the brim of body positivity and feel-good exercises that you can do in your own home. Set up by three mates who understand the benefit of keeping fit, but know how much of a chore it can be; GMB is the perfect site for workouts for all abilities.


Soul Axiom on the Nintendo Switch

And now for something completely different… Completely ignore that last one and spend your whole isolation period getting square eyes and completing Soul Axiom on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a first-person story-driven adventure puzzle game, and it was developed just down the road in Bridgend. Yeah, that’s how great South Wales is, you can even shop local for your video games now!


Fiona Griffiths Crime Series by Harry Bingham

There’s nothing like taking your mind off the doom and gloom of the outside world as a good book. The Fiona Griffiths series is about a young detective in the South Wales police force, with the first being set on the Pembrokeshire coast and the second investigating a grisly murder on the streets of Cardiff itself! Hmm might still be a bit doom and gloom, but it’s still an excellent read.


Learn Welsh with Duolingo

Ever felt the same shame as Bryn off Gavin and Stacey? Love this country to bits but cannot speak the language? Guys, are you ever going to have a better opportunity than this to learn? Download the Duolingo app for free and get learning. See if you can surprise your co-workers when you emerge from isolation into the warm weathers of summer, fluent as Mark Drakeford himself.


Cardiff Rugby Life Podcast

It seems that there is a podcast for everything nowadays. So why not dive into that scene with the supporters’ pod with all the latest news from Cardiff Arms Park. They may not be playing at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the boys in blue.


Dirty Vegan: Another Bite by Matt Pritchard

Another great cookbook for you guys to download and try. Matt Pritchard, Cardiff’s own Dirty Vegan has released a collection of his own recipes for you to try at home. Seriously if there’s ever a time to learn a new skill or refine a cooking talent then it’s now. Silver linings right? Make sure you send us some pics of your tasty creations though. We would love to see what dishes you guys have been cooking up.


List to some Local Bands

Nothing too specific here. We just thought this was a cracking opportunity for you to discover some new artists to put the beat back into “let’s beat this virus together”. So many of them are having gigs cancelled when all they want to do is bring music to your ears. Any online music service will do, just give them a listen. Our current top picks for you to discover include:

  • Boy Azooga
  • Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
  • Dead Shed Jokers
  • Ell South
  • Glass Jackets

All local. All incredible. We promise your next favourite artist is in that list or itching to get back out there for some killer gigs around the city. Make sure you give them some love and a listen.


Order in your favourite food & Drink

Going completely against all the cooking and fitness tips so far, we definitely recommend ordering in some of your favourite meals. I mean you’ve still got to treat yourself right? And you do have to support local restaurants, right? You know it makes sense. Deliveroo has some strict Coronavirus guidelines so it is safe to order from some of your favs. Local delights such as; Honest Burger, Saray Grill, Thackeray and The Coconut Tree can all be found on the app. So sit back and let your food come to you for a change.


Cardiff Area Corona Support Group on Facebook

Hopefully, a nice way for us to all look out for one another and keep in touch over the coming months. Some good Samaritans have set up a support page on Facebook so that any Cardiff specific updates, requests or support can be relayed to the community. Don’t make the mistake of getting bogged down in negative news when you’re stuck indoors. Let’s make this a place where everyone can share their experiences and help each other out.

Click here for details.


And that’s everything for this week. If you’ve got any events that you want us to mention in a future guide then please get in touch and let us know! But in the meantime, stay safe, stay clean and stay cheery.