The craft beer chain in Cardiff is to give pet owners the chance to have ‘Dog Pawties’

The clue is in the name really, but Brewdog, one of the city’s much-loved breweries and bars, revealed it is to throw open its doors to your four-legged friends to celebrate their big day … and have a pawesome party!


BrewDog says us humans owe a debt to our “furiends”.

“They keep us going, cheer us on and are there when we need them,” a spokesperson said.

Which is why dog birthday parties – or pawties – are taken very seriously.

If you want to celebrate the birth of your four-legged friend, but have no idea how, BrewDog has the answer.



The Craft ale Boozer which is on Westgate street in the city centre of Cardiff will throw your hound a humdinger of a party. For just five pound per pooch, Brewdog will welcome your dog and their guests with a party hat and dog-safe cupcakes and even doggy beer, as they enjoy their special day down the pub.

They also serve a range of canine-friendly doggy beer (and of course, a huge selection of craft beer for us humans).

so if you If your dog is a brewpup with a birthday on the horizon, get in touch.

You can find out more information on BrewDog’s pawties and how to book on their website.



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