The wonderful Wizard of Oz really lived up to it’s name with Dorothy and pals taking us on a fun filled journey to find there’s no place like home. It is on at the New Theatre this week, and we went to the opening night to see Orbit’s take on it. We were entertained and mesmerised the whole way through.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz started as a book in 1900, and by 1903 was Broadway’s biggest hit – to say the story has staying power is an understatement, it really has brought joy to millions. The strong message to believe in yourself and in others is just as poignant today as it was over a century ago.

The performances throughout the show were delightful and had all the professionalism of any show we have seen here, to think that the majority of the cast have full time jobs ( Daniel Ivor Jones as Scarecrow is even a headmaster) is astounding and their innate talent and dedication shine through.

The voices of both Dorothy (Sophie Baker) and Glinda (Paige Hodgson) kept even the youngest audience members sat on the edge of their seats looking on in awe. Both the Lion (Mathew Preece)  and Tin Man (Fran Hudd) added a brilliant comedic element to the show with lots of funny one liners keeping the energy of the crowd going throughout.

It was fantastic to see such amazing talent in the younger cast members too, the dance routines were effortless and their performing was confident and upbeat.

The absolute star of the show and the performer that got most of the ‘aaaahhs’ had to be Toto (Ella the dog) who acted impeccably and this gained her an extra big round of applause at the end.

Overall, the show was everything we could have asked for and was totally suitable for the whole family, the youngest members didn’t get too scared and understood the story with ease. We would definitely recommend giving the New Theatre a visit for a really fun way to end the Easter school holidays.


You can still catch The Wonderfull Wizard of Oz at the New Theatre.

Age guidance 3+
Running time approx 2 hrs 10 minutes (with a 20 minute interval). Running times are approximate and subject to change.

A £3.65 transaction fee may apply to your order. – TICKETS

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