The UK is set for a three-month heatwave

Temperatures look set to rise into the 30s in late June and could stay there for a few months


Britain could be in for the hottest summer in 12 years with temperatures reaching a scorching 33C in June to August, the Met office reports.


The Met Office is predicting a three-month summer heatwave for Britain – with temperatures soaring into the 30s.


This week, sub-tropical air from the Azores ( you know Azores?? ) will see a week of 23C sunshine for the south and spread up through to Wales.


Government forecasts show there is double the usual probability of this summer having a higher temperature than 2013’s 15.17C, which would make 2018 the hottest summer for a century.


Time to dig the swimming cosies out and them sunnies guys, summer’s here to stay.