The Santadash to Christmas is On!

Officially the biggest festive fun run in Wales, Santadash, returns this year come rain, shine, or major global pandemic! After restructuring the event to comply with strict safety measures, Santadash is beginning to warm up for this year’s major event and we cannot wait to get involved.

Cardiovascular disease accounts for a third of deaths in Wales and is, unfortunately, something that many of us will have to encounter in our lifetimes. This is known too well by the family of Ben McDonald who tragically lost his life on the finish line of the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2018. In his name, they set up the Ben McDonald Heart Screening fund who has joined forces with Welsh Hearts in a mission to tackle this devasting problem. They aim to provide free CPR and defibrillator training, install defibrillators in communities across Wales and give Heart screenings to the nation.

But they cannot do this without some serious support. That’s why on the 13th of December all the money raised by festive fun runners will go towards the Welsh Hearts fund.

You can get involved both the Santa and Elf dash; running, walking, or even dancing your way 5 kilometers to raise money for a fantastic cause in the build-up to Christmas.


Full COVID measures will be in place at this major outdoor event to keep all runners safe:

  • Staggered race times
  • Masks must be worn upon arrival
  • Hand sanitizer stations provided
  • Anyone displaying symptoms should not attend and instead seek testing and medical help


Also, I feel this goes without saying, everyone is warmly encouraged to dress up in your best festive gear! Santa suits, elf ears, and reindeer antlers are particularly welcome. We cannot wait to see what you guys come up with this year, because we’re certain it will be spectacular.

So, now you have a lockdown goal to work towards! Why not spend the next few months bringing the family together in fundraising and training to raise awareness and support for a truly worthy cause.