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Rouse Rengerts Molecular Madness

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Good chefs aren’t staying static anymore, they’re floating around different restaurants, venues and events popping up suddenly and disappearing just as quickly.

Rouse Rengert Cuisine nomadic menu has found temporary homes in a number of locations to present their exciting food  and it is finally arriving in Cardiff ready for Valentines.

Charles Rouse has worked for some of the greats such as Heston Blumenthol and Michael Caines but is now operating a fine dining experience here in Cardiff for ‘one night only’. Hosted at the popular arts venue, The Gate in Roath, Cardiff the menu will certainly surprise you and give you great insight into the cuisine of fine dining.

 Tickets are priced at £49 per person for a five course menu as below.

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 Date: Saturday 13th February 2016

Venue: The Gate, Roath, Cardiff

With: Rouse Rengert Cuisine

Tickets: Aavilable online here

Menu – Molecular Madness

 Amuse Bouche

Coriander fluid pearls suspended in warm Carrot fluid gel.

 Smoked chicken consommé,

Served with thyme foam, Morrel mushroom dumpling, Onion crisp.

  Sweet and sour duck

Balsamic marshmallow, fennel fluid gel, star anise & plum foam, smoked garlic pearls, cucumber & spring onion crisp.

 Fruit Salad

Melon Fluid gel, Strawberry tagliatelle, Mango pearls, hy foamer marshmallow, Orange foam, peach & almond reverse spherification, champagne sorbet, black cherry powder.

 Cheese and biscuits

Dehydrated goats cheese mousse, pickled walnut paste, quince gel, celery powder, grape panna cotta, malt biscuit.

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