Review: Billionaire Boy

I think David Williams is currently our number 1 national treasure, our 8 year old has avidly read his whole catalogue of books, watched the tv films and loves his humour in BGT every year. When the opportunity to watch the musical of Billionaire Boy came up, he was like a bottle of pop brimming with excitement.
The show started with a great song explaining the story, it really got us hooked from the beginning. The small cast all played a variety of characters and each of them convincingly different. Many of them played instruments too, whilst dancing and singing, really showing a massive range of talents.
Although there were a few instances where my son had to ask me what was going on, I think it was more because he was following the story as per the tv film (that he’s watched a few good times).
The song lyrics were both hilarious and poignant at the correct times and evoked the correct amount of emotion, even for an 8 year old boy.
Overall, the show was exactly how we expected, full of energy and fun, but with the underlying meaning being portrayed fantastically. In our son’s words ‘see mum, money definitely can’t buy you happiness, or friends’.
The flyer says ages 5+, I think the younger kids struggled with the story but loved the singing, I would would say a must see for everyone aged 8+ and an amazing half term treat for the whole family.