Principality Stadium Submits Plans to have us Walking in the Air!

The Principality Stadium has submitted plans to install a suspension bridge, zip line and viewing platform on one of the iconic roof spires, overlooking the city. Cardiff Council is expected to make a decision whether the ambitious project will go ahead in the next few months.

If approved, a stairway will be built within the stadium giving guests access to the roof. Lucky visitors will be escorted up and treated to a one of a kind view of the city from up in the clouds. Access will also be available to wheelchair users, allowing everyone to experience the thrill of walking in the air.

There is no word yet on where the zip line will touch down, but you can bet the views and thrills as you zoom down to the ground will be equally spectacular. I don’t know about you but I fancy booking out the platform for the next few six nations games! Imagine the buzz you’d get watching the games from up there!

For now, we will have to settle for some concept pictures released by the stadium, and we promise to give you more news on this one as it comes through. Let’s just say we are eagerly awaiting the council’s decision and hope to be bringing you a view from the top some time soon!