Award Wining Dessert Cafe Serves Up Pancake Sharing Platters

It’s Shrove Tuesday and the frying pan flipping action sweeps through households marking the occasion with a pancake or two.

If, like us, you are hopeless at making these flipping great treats, the appeal of a place doing them for you is strong. So when we spotted The Crepe Escape were offering pancake platters, we couldn’t believe our luck!!

Pancake Day is long celebrated and a great excuse to indulge guilt-free. The Crepe escape has created their own solution for all those looking to enjoy a pancake or two without creating a messy kitchen in the process.

Each batter-based sharing platter is created with socialising in mind, with multiple options to suit groups of two and over – and trust us when we say they’re not for the faint-hearted.


The Crepe Escape fill a large serving dish with sauce, fruit and sprinkles, with a huge pile of pancakes in the centre.

You could even add bacon if you were feeling particularly indulgent.

Sharing a pancake platter is a sociable way to eat, and with so many combinations at your fingertips, you’ll have one eye on what you’re creating and one eye on whoever you are dining with – maybe drawing some inspiration!

The award-winning Dissert outlet put something sweet at the heart of everything they do, their crepes and pancakes are a real highlight – and they don’t go lightly with the toppings! The cafe is open daily, in Penarth and Cardiff Bay, ready to fulfil your crepe or comfort food cravings.


Crepe Escape
Unit 13, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff CF10 5BZ

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