Lee Skeet’s Jackson’s Bar IPA Beers Shine with Three Stars at Great Taste Awards 2023

Jackson’s Black Oyster IPA

Lee Skeet, the acclaimed chef, has left beer enthusiasts buzzing with excitement as he unveils two exceptional IPA beers that have achieved the remarkable feat of earning three stars at the prestigious Great Taste Awards 2023. Crafted under the banner of VOG Brewery, these beers are poised to quench taste buds.

What sets these beers apart is their unique filtration process. Rather than relying on conventional methods, VOG Brewery filter Jackson’s Black Oyster IPA beers with oyster shells collected from the Oyster Bar restaurant. This not only adds a distinctive coastal essence to the brews but also champions sustainability by repurposing shells that would otherwise go to waste.

But it’s not just the oyster filtration that’s turning heads. Lee Skeet and VOG has crafted two distinct variations – a light IPA with refreshing citrus notes that beckon summer evenings, and a rich, dark IPA with deep roasted malt flavours, perfect for cozying up in colder months.

These beers are a testament to Skeet’s culinary expertise and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavour. Whether you’re an IPA connoisseur or a casual beer enthusiast, Lee Skeet’s VOG Brewery IPA beers are a must-try.

Get ready to savour the taste of innovation and excellence in a can, available from Jackson’s Bar or Cora in Dukes Street Arcade.