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The Lazy Duck will become a 100% Duck Restaurant

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Just when you thought the Cardiff food scene was bursting at the seams, The Lazy Duck has dropped an even bigger bombshell. In a somewhat bizarre move, the gastro pub have announced that The  Lazy Duck would be moving to an all-duck menu.
Though precise details are still being worked out on how the transition to the new menu will unfold, but Sajid Quasim has said that many of the dishes will remain the same just with a duck twist. Their Lazy Duck burger will now have additions of watercress and a nest brioche bun with a fried duck patty.  The most remarkable reworkings are the introduction of a savory Duck Doughnut and the Duck Waffles with Duck Eggs  to feature on the breakfast menu.
Perhaps the most controversial move is the decision to train ducks to deliver some of the courses – even when those courses contain duck.  The restaurant owners and chef have hand picked a force of over 40 Ducks to carry the plates on their back using a state of the art tray carrier, that actually fits to the contour of the dedicated duck force’s wings and back. The ducks in question have been humanely netted along the banks of the Taff and even given their own living quarters.
The Lazy Duck’s all-duck menu is expected to make its first appearance before noon on 1 April 2016.
Find out how you can win a meal for 2 to tast the new menu when it launch today via Twitter or Facebook