The Welsh classical singer is eager to get back on the road in November


Katherine Jenkins [OBE] is returning to the stage following the coronavirus pandemic that put a halt to live music events.


During the pandemic, Katherine wanted to give back to her fans and to bring people together in a time when support and community was needed, so she set up weekly virtual concerts from her home in Neath.


Katherine said, “I feel like I’ve really learned a lot during the pandemic. I’ve been doing these concepts from home. It started in the very first week of the of the lockdown, thinking of people like my mum, who were on their own, and I wanted to do something because I knew I couldn’t do anything like the amazing work that the frontline NHS were doing, but I could sing a few songs and keep people company. I offered to do a live concert from home on Facebook Live every Saturday night and I thought that would be about four weeks but ended up being a full year! It was such an amazing experience bringing together a community of people that were all around the world, or from home and I’m really thankful because it helped me, and my family get through that time and gave me the opportunity to still sing.”

Katherine has been juggling being a mum alongside working on the tour and admitted that she is excited to take her three-year-old son Xander to a live performance.


“​​He doesn’t remember what a real concert looks like before the pandemic, so when I used to do the concerts from home, I put my phone in a stand so that I’d have my hands free and it was at the right height, and whenever I get that stand out now, he’ll suddenly go, ‘oh mummy! Is there a concert happening?’ I think his mind is gonna be blown when he sees musicians and the audience, and lights, and the professional outfit; he just thinks mommy sings in a strange device!” she giggled.


After a lengthy lockdown in Wales, Katherine said that she has really missed the opportunities to perform live and that she is desperate to get back out onto stage and see everyone again.


“Nothing beats going into a theatre and getting to sing with ‘real’ musicians, and to a ‘real’ audience where you can see them clapping or, tapping their foot, or shedding a tear. And so, I was really inspired by the concept of wanting to get back out and do it all again and to take that energy and put on the best show that I can because I think people really need a lovely, wonderful night out and great entertainment,” she said.





The Welsh singer was awarded the best-selling classical artist this century and broke her own Classical Chart record with her latest album, ‘Cinema Paradisco.’ Katherine is the UK’s most successful classical artist in chart history and is flying the flag for Wales year after year.


Katherine recently found out that she is ‘99.7% Welsh,’ by taking an online test to trace her genetics and posted to tell all on her Instagram feed. A proud Welsh gal, Katherine loves to perform in Wales, especially at the Millennium stadium.


“Singing up the stadium is always the best venue in the world in terms of atmosphere and being a Welsh rugby fan!” she laughed.


Katherine will be playing at two Welsh venues during her UK tour, the first in Llandudno on the 17 November 2021, the second at Cardiff’s St David’s Hall on Tuesday the 19 November 2021. She admitted that she gets a little nervous for her Welsh shows.


“It’s lovely to be back, in Llandudno and in Cardiff, it is very much for me like going home because the home gigs are always the ones that I get a little bit nervous about, and I’m not a nervous performer, but when I come home and sing in Wales again, I feel that thing of like, I want to be my absolute best, because it’s amazing support from everybody at home. So, for those ones, I really look forward to them,” said Katherine.


Proud of her heritage, her home, and her upbringing, Katherine, who said she recently dined at the Glyn Clydach restaurant in Neath for her mum’s birthday wants to highlight how fantastic Wales is and advises all young Welsh artists to take advantage of all the singing opportunities in Wales.


She said, “As a country that loves the arts and music, it is a fantastic place to get involved in the National Youth Choir of Wales, the Eisteddfod, male voice choirs and amateur operatic societies.”


She concluded, “We are so lucky to grow up in Wales with so much musical opportunity, and support of the arts, and I really don’t think I would be here today if I had not grown up in a place that doesn’t have all of that on offer, so, take advantage of all of those opportunities!”


Tickets for Katherine Jenkins next Cardiff Appearance are available now 


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